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POSTED MAY 22, 2018


In the past I have dismissed all of these anti-corruption investigations conducted by our government masters as they never go anywhere. Hillary and her people are still walking around without any indictments. Crooked bankers get caught in criminal behavior again and again and none of them ever go to jail. The sad fact is, more of our elected representatives are involved in immoral and illegal activities than those who are not. Now the investigations are taking a dangerous turn.

In an effort to make it look like they are actually doing something, the Justice Department and Congress are now turning their attention to those within the Justice Department and former and current administration officials. Here's the problem. There is so much corruption and there are so many psychopaths in positions of power and there are so many leaks to the general public, the efforts on the part of those in government to limit the damage to themselves may not succeed.

Now there may actually be some who are indicted for corruption. They, in turn may turn on the others. There already is a lot of information released to the public that shows some in the FBI, CIA, Justice Department and officials in the Obama administration are guilty of obstruction of Justice and numerous other crimes. People with information have actually met with “accidents”. Trillions of dollars have come up missing. Once criminals are publicly identified and they, in turn, identify those who gave them their orders, a “catch 22” scenario appears. 1) Identify and prosecute all of the crooks which could number in the hundreds leaving the government dead in the water or 2) Throw a few underlings to the wolves and protect the higher ups.

I'm betting on solution “2”. That's what they do. You can't ask a psychopath to stop being a psychopath. Therefore they will indict and convict low level bureaucrats while proclaiming their own integrity. This time, however, the people may not buy it. This time, just like at the fall of the Old Soviet Union, people all over the nation may say they have had enough of these people. I've said in the past and continue to say that the only hope for America is to clean house ---all of them. There is way too much corruption to believe they can investigate themselves. Thomas Jefferson said that from time to time the government may have to be dissolved and constitutionally elect a new one. That solution is far more preferable to an economic collapse or nuclear war.

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POSTED MAY 21, 2018


Just a couple of weeks ago some had floated the idea of awarding Donald Trump the Nobel Peace prize. I commented that the move towards peace on the Korean peninsula had nothing to do with Trump. This was the fulfillment of a campaign promise made by Moon Jae-in. Once in office he proceeded to open a dialog with North Korea. After this happened, Donald Trump jumped in and agreed to meet with Kim Jong-un.

Then the insaniacs went to work. John Bolton began to make demands on North Korea before any U.S./North Korean meetings took place. Then last week, the U.S. Initiated war games with South Korea on the North Korea coast. North Korea then suspended any further talks.

I said it before. The U.S. Does not want and will not permit, peace and a potential reunification between North and South Korea. There is way too much money and power at stake for the U.S., but Moon Jae-in is no fool. Yesterday he figured it out. He told Trump that South Korea was suspending any cooperation with the U.S. In these war games.

Look at it this way. If war breaks out, it's not the U.S. That will suffer, it's Korea, both North and South. Seoul has a population of around 20 million and is in range of North Korea's artillary. At the very least, South Korea's economy will be devastated. Maybe Trump figures the U.S. can pick up the slack left by a destroyed South Korean manufacturing base. Like I said, Moon Jae-in is no fool.

Bruce                              New World Order News

Despite being all over the place, President Trump still seems to be willing to work with our allies to achieve a peace deal with North Korea.

Though Trump threatened to give Kim Jong-un the Gaddafi treatment last Thursday if he doesn't make a peace deal, the day after he agreed to cancel a planned three-nation drill with US B-52 bombers. 

From Antiwar:

Facing diplomatic fallout from a previous aerial exercise near North Korea, the Trump Administration was all set to do it again this past week, planning a three-nation exercise with US B-52 bombers escorted by South Korean and Japanese planes.

Apparently the Pentagon wasn't able to put 2 and 2 together on this, and it took intervention from South Korea, who pointed out this was a really bad time for such an exercise, to convince President Trump to cancel it.

The Trump-Kim summit is in just three weeks, and North Korea was already questioning whether the US was in the right frame of mind to talk after the last war games. South Korea said the exercise would generate too much tension ahead of the talks.

US officials say they accepted South Korea's call because they want to keep up a cooperative relationship with South Korea during the diplomatic process. They added that the B-52 bombers had a routine training mission near Okinawa in recent days instead.

South Korea is working to try to prepare the US to participate in a summit with Kim, after their own summit went quite well. Their interest in seeing this new summit go well is nothing surprising.


POSTED MAY 19, 2018


Isn't it amazing that our mediawhores drone on and on about a tragedy such as the one that happened yesterday in Texas, yet in spite of millions of words, we will never here them ask the one question on a potential cause present in all of these shootings? Ready? Was the shooter taking any medication at the time of the shooting? No, we can't have that. After all, the pharmaceutical cabal makes billions of dollars selling dangerous and ineffective drugs to us and our children.

O.K. Since I asked, I am answering my own question. The subject article covers 36 examples of senseless shootings and murders. All of the perpetrators were under the influence of  psychiatric drugs. You would think that those who cry crocodile tears over the needless deaths, would be motivated to investigate a common denominator and you would be wrong.

Bruce                                 New World Order News

Fact: At least 36 school shootings and/or school-related acts of violence have been committed by those taking orwithdrawing from psychiatric drugs resulting in 172 wounded and 80 killed (in other school shootings, information about their drug use was never made public—neither confirming or refuting if they were under the influence of prescribed drugs).  The most important fact about this list, is that these are only cases where the information about their psychiatric drug use was made public. (See full list below)

The below list includes individuals documented to have been under the influence of psychiatric drugs and not only includes mass shootings, but the use of knives, swords and bombs.  27 international drug regulatory agency warnings cite side effects including mania, violence, psychosis and even homicidal ideation.

Austin, Texas – May 1, 2017: Kendrex J. White, 21, stabbed four people with a machete-like hunting knife at the University of Texas, killing one and wounding three. The stabbings occurred within a one-block area as the attacker “calmly walked around the plaza,” according to the chief of police. After he was arrested, White told police he did not remember the attack. The police department said that White had recently been involuntarily committed in another city, and county records showed that he had been arrested and charged with a DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) on April 4, 2017. When an officer spoke to him, White said he had taken two “happy pills,” listed as the antidepressant Zoloft.

Tallahassee, Florida – November 20, 2014: 31-year-old Myron May, a Florida State University alum, opened fire in the school’s library, wounding three before he was shot and killed by police. ABC Action News found a half-filled prescription for the antianxiety drug Hydroxyzine in his apartment after the shooting. In addition, according to May’s friends, he had seen a psychologist and had been prescribed the antidepressant Wellbutrin and the ADHD drug Vyvanse. He also checked himself in to a mental health center called Mesilla Valley Hospital around September of 2014. Shortly after this, his friends discovered the antipsychotic Seroquel among his prescriptions.

Seattle, Washington – June 5, 2014: 26-year-old Aaron Ybarra opened fire with a shotgun at Seattle Pacific University, killing one student and wounding two others. Ybarra planned to kill as many people as possible and then kill himself. In 2012, Ybarra reported that he had been prescribed the antidepressant Prozac and antipsychotic Risperdal. A report from his counselor in December of 2013 said that he was taking Prozac at the time and planned to continue to meet with his psychiatrist and therapist as needed. His lawyer also said that Ybarra had a long history of mental health issues for which he was taking prescribed drugs for at the time of the shooting.

Milford, Connecticut – April 25, 2014: 16-year-old Chris Plaskon stabbed Maren Sanchez, also 16, to death in a stairwell at Jonathan Law High School after she turned down his prom invitation. According to classmates and a former close friend, Chris was taking drugs for ADHD.

Sparks, Nevada – October 21, 2013: 12-year-old Jose Reyes opened fire at Sparks Middle School, killing a teacher and wounding two classmates before committing suicide. The investigation revealed that he had been seeing a psychiatrist and had a generic version of Prozac (fluoxetine) in his system at the time of death.

St. Louis, Missouri – January 15, 2013: 34-year-old Sean Johnson walked onto the Stevens Institute of Business & Arts campus and shot the school’s financial aid director once in the chest, then shot himself in the torso. Johnson had been taking prescribed drugs for an undisclosed mental illness.

Snohomish County, Washington – October 24, 2011: A 15-year-old girl went to Snohomish High School where police alleged that she stabbed a girl as many as 25 times just before the start of school, and then stabbed another girl who tried to help her injured friend. Prior to the attack the girl had been taking “medication” and seeing a psychiatrist. Court documents said the girl was being treated for depression.

Planoise, France – December 13, 2010: A 17-year-old youth held twenty pre-school children and their teacher hostage for hours at Charles Fourier preschool.  The teen was reported to be on “medication for depression”.  He took a classroom hostage with two swords. Eventually, all the children and the teacher were released safely.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – September 21, 2011: 14-year-old Christian Helms had two pipe bombs in his backpack, when he shot and wounded Socastee High School’s “resource” (police) officer. However the officer was able to stop the student before he could do anything further. Evidence showed that he was planning an attack similar to the Columbine High School shooting and had even made a list of who he was going to kill. Helms had been taking drugs for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and depression.

Huntsville, Alabama – February 5, 2010: 15-year-old Hammad Memon shot and killed another Discover Middle School student Todd Brown.  Memon had a history for being treated for ADHD and depression.  He was taking the antidepressant Zoloft and “other drugs for the conditions.” He had been seeing a psychiatrist and psychologist.

Kauhajoki, Finland – September 23, 2008: 22-year-old culinary student Matti Saari shot and killed 9 students and a teacher, and wounded another student, before killing himself.  Saari was taking an SSRI and alprazolam (Xanax). He was also seeing a psychologist.

Fresno, California – April 24, 2008: 17-year-old Jesus “Jesse” Carrizales attacked the Fresno high school’s officer, hitting him in the head with a baseball bat.  After knocking the officer down, the officer shot Carrizales in self-defense, killing him.  Carrizales had been prescribed Lexapro and Geodon, and his autopsy showed that he had a high dose of the antidepressant Lexapro in his blood that could have caused him to be paranoid, according to the coroner.

DeKalb, Illinois – February 14, 2008: 27-year-old Steven Kazmierczak shot and killed five people and wounded 21 others before killing himself in a Northern Illinois University auditorium. According to his girlfriend, he had recently been taking the prescribed drugs Prozac, Xanax and Ambien but had stopped taking Prozac three weeks before the shooting. Toxicology results showed that he still had trace amount of Xanax in his system. He had been seeing a psychiatrist.

Jokela, Finland – November 7, 2007: 18-year-old Finnish gunman Pekka-Eric Auvinen had been taking antidepressants before he killed eight people and wounded a dozen more at Jokela High School in southern Finland, then committed suicide.

Texas – November 7, 2007: 17-year-old Felicia McMillan returned to her former Robert E. Lee High School campus and stabbed a male student and wounded the principle with a knife.  McMillan had been on drugs for depression, and had just taken them the night before the incident.

Cleveland, Ohio – October 10, 2007: 14-year-old Asa Coon stormed through his school with a gun in each hand, shooting and wounding four before taking his own life. Coon had been prescribed the antidepressant Trazodone.

Sudbury, Massachusetts – January 19, 2007: 16-year-old John Odgren stabbed another student to death with a large kitchen knife in a boy’s bathroom at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School. In court his father testified that Odgren was prescribed the drug Ritalin.

North Vernon, Indiana – December 4, 2006: 16-year-old Travis Roberson stabbed another Jennings County High School student in the neck, nearly severing an artery. Roberson was in withdrawal from Wellbutrin, which he had stopped taking days before the attack.

Hillsborough, North Carolina – August 30, 2006: 19-year-old Alvaro Rafael Castillo shot and killed his father, then drove to Orange High School where he opened fire. Two students were injured in the shooting, which ended when school personnel tackled him. His mother said he was on drugs for depression.

Chapel Hill, North Carolina – April 24, 2006: 17-year-old William Barrett Foster took a shotgun to school and took a teacher and a fellow student hostage at East Chapel Hill High School. After being talked out of shooting the hostages, Foster fired two shots through a classroom window before fleeing the school on foot. Foster’s father testified that his son had stopped taking his antidepressants and antipsychotic drugs without telling him.

Red Lake, Minnesota – March 21, 2005: 16-year-old Jeff Weise, on Prozac, shot and killed his grandfather and his grandfather’s girlfriend, then went to his school on the Red Lake Indian Reservation where he shot dead 5 students, a security guard, and a teacher, and wounded 7 before killing himself.

Greenbush, New York – February 9, 2004: 16-year-old Jon Romano strolled into his high school in east Greenbush and opened fire with a shotgun. Special education teacher Michael Bennett was hit in the leg. Romano had been taking the antianxiety drug Xanax. He had previously spent time in a psychiatric care facility.

Red Lion, Pennsylvania – February 2, 2001: 56-year-old William Michael Stankewicz entered North Hopewell-Winterstown Elementary School with a machete, leaving three adults and 11 children injured. Stankewicz was taking four different drugs for depression and anxiety weeks before the attacks.

Ikeda, Japan – June 8, 2001: 37-year-old Mamoru Takuma, wielding a 6-inch knife, slipped into an elementary school and stabbed eight first- and second-graders to death while wounding at least 15 other pupils and teachers. He then turned the knife on himself but suffered only superficial wounds. He later told interrogators that before the attack he had taken 10 times his normal dose of antidepressants. Police said he had been under the care of a psychiatrist.

Wahluke, Washington – April 10, 2001: Sixteen-year-old Cory Baadsgaard took a rifle to his high school and held 23 classmates and a teacher hostage. Three weeks earlier, his doctor had switched Baadsgaard’s prescription from Paxil to Effexor. The morning of the incident, his dosage of Effexor had been increased. Baadsgaard said he had no memory of the incident.

El Cajon, California – March 22, 2001: 18-year-old Jason Hoffman, on the antidepressants Celexa and Effexor, opened fire on his classmates, wounding three students and two teachers at Granite Hills High School. He had been seeing a psychiatrist before the shooting.
Williamsport, Pennsylvania – March 7, 2001: 14-year-old Elizabeth Bush was taking the antidepressant Prozac when she shot at fellow students, wounding one.

Oxnard, California – January 10, 2001: 17-year-old Richard Lopez went to Hueneme High School with a gun and shot twice at a car in the school’s parking lot before taking a female student hostage.  Lopez was eventually killed by a SWAT officer.  He had been prescribed Prozac, Paxil and “drugs that helped him go to sleep.”

Conyers, Georgia – May 20, 1999: 15-year-old T.J. Solomon was being treated with the stimulant Ritalin when he opened fire on and wounded six of his classmates.

Columbine, Colorado – April 20, 1999: 18-year-old Eric Harris and his accomplice, Dylan Klebold, killed 12 students and a teacher and wounded 26 others before killing themselves. Harris was on the antidepressant Luvox.  Klebold’s medical records remain sealed. Both shooters had been in anger-management classes and had undergone counseling.  Harris had been seeing a psychiatrist before the shooting.

Notus, Idaho – April 16, 1999: 15-year-old Shawn Cooper fired two shotgun rounds in his school, injuring one student. He was taking a prescribed antidepressant and Ritalin.

Springfield, Oregon – May 21, 1998: 15-year-old Kip Kinkel murdered his parents and then proceeded to school where he opened fire on students in the cafeteria, killing two and wounding 25. Kinkel had been taking the antidepressant Prozac. Kinkel had been attending “anger control classes” and had previously been under the care of a psychologist.

Blackville, South Carolina – October 12, 1995: 15-year-old Toby R. Sincino slipped into the Blackville-Hilda High School’s rear entrance, where he shot two Blackville-Hilda High School teachers, killing one. Then Toby killed himself moments later. His aunt, Carolyn McCreary, said he had been undergoing counseling with the Department of Mental Health and was taking Zoloft for emotional problems.

Chelsea, Michigan – December 16, 1993: 39-year-old chemistry teacher Stephen Leith, facing a disciplinary matter at Chelsea High School, shot Superintendent Joseph Piasecki to death, shot Principal Ron Mead in the leg, and slightly wounded journalism teacher Phil Jones. Leith was taking Prozac and had been seeing a psychiatrist.

Houston, Texas – September 18, 1992: 44-year-old Calvin Charles Bell, reportedly upset about his second-grader’s progress report, appeared in the principal’s office of Piney Point Elementary School. Bell fired a gun in the school, and eventually wounded two officers before surrendering. Relatives told police on Friday that Bell was an unemployed Vietnam veteran and had been taking anti-depressants.

Winnetka, Illinois – 20 May 1988: 30-year-old Laurie Wasserman Dann walked into a second grade classroom at Hubbard Woods School in Winnetka, Illinois carrying three pistols and began shooting children, killing an eight-year-old boy, and wounding five others before fleeing. She entered a nearby house where she shot and wounded a 20-year-old man before killing herself. Dann had been seeing a psychiatrist and subsequent blood tests revealed that at the time of the killings, she was taking the antidepressant Anafranil.

For more information read Another School Shooting, Another Psychiatric Drug? Federal Investigation Long Overdue


POSTED MAY 17, 2018


This is a tough one. Here in East Tennessee, there are help wanted signs all over. Even the largest employer in our area, Denso (3500 employees) just began advertising for applicants – “no experience necessary”. That's what makes this report puzzling. According to the subject article, the 60 day delinquency rate for sub-prime auto loans is now higher than it was in 2008/2009. Also, used car prices had their biggest drop last week since 2009.

I have a couple of theories on why this isn't showing up yet in the economy as a whole. First, these statistics are forward looking. In other words, they predict problems to come. Second, it is interesting that the report of delinquency in sub-prime loans uses the “60 days past due” standard. Many of us know someone who has their vehicle repossessed. Creditors rarely let the delinquency go to 60 days or beyond. Could it be that there are so many of them, creditors are now reluctant to take on more vehicles than they can dispose of?

Another statistic in the article shows the average vehicle payment is more than $500 per month. So what happens now? Obviously, this level of delinquency is not sustainable. It's just another economic indicator showing big problems around the corner. Studying history shows that economic panics, collapses and depressions don't happen slowly. Just like a bridge collapse, it deteriorates over time and then, all of a sudden, it comes crashing down.

Bruce                                      New World Order News

Last week, used car prices had their biggest drop since 2009 – directly after the financial market meltdown of 2008.
And right now, the auto market is showing signs of incredible worry.
Delinquent subprime auto-loans are higher than they were in the last recession.
Look for yourself. . .
What’s interesting – and worrisome – is that consumers are defaulting on subprime auto loans when the economy issupposably doing ‘very well’.
Like I wrote last week – there are cracks under the economy’s foundation. And it’s like a bucket of cold water in the face of the mainstream financial media that’s pushing the ‘growth’ story.

We must ask ourselves – “if things are going so well, why are subprime loan delinquencies at a 22-year high?”
I can’t help but feel a bit nostalgic. This was the same situation that led up to the 2008 housing crisis. . .

First, there was massive growth in mortgage-backed securities and mortgage debt. Then, the Federal Reserve – led by Alan Greenspan – began aggressively raising rates after years of low rates. Soon after, subprime loans started blowing up – which trickled into the prime loans. And eventually, everything was in chaos.

Using the often-ignored Austrian Business Cycle Theory (ABCT) – coined by the little-known but brilliant economist Ludwig Von Mises – I am blaming the Fed for all this.

Thanks to the Fed, a near decade of zero-interest rate policies (ZIRP) and three rounds of Quantitative Easing (which totaled over $3.8 trillion in printed money) – the consumers’ became hooked on cheap auto loans. . .
Their policies made the entire system fragile by getting consumers addicted to cheap debt through their easy money.
They then began tightening credit – crippling the borrowers.

Think of it this way – imagine you’re addicted to alcohol. And your bartender keeps giving you cheap drinks each night for months. Eventually, from drinking way more than you should’ve been able to afford, you now have a very high tolerance.
But suddenly – the bartender becomes strict and starts giving you less booze. He tells you, “sorry but no more free alcohol for you.” Problem is, you wouldn’t have drank so much if you had to pay full price for it.

Now you’re left with awful withdrawals – scrounging together all the extra money you can just to pay for a drink. But the only way you can really afford to feel better is if he starts giving out free drinks again or you painfully detox.
Just look at the collapse in auto-loan growth since 2015 – when the Fed began tightening with their end of QE and talk of rate hikes. . .

Clearly the higher rates had an impact on new auto loans.
But a bigger – and more pressing – problem is that the Fed’s short-term interest rate hikes are making these current subprime auto loans unserviceable. The borrowers are having a harder time paying more interest for an asset that depreciates 15% the moment they take it off the lot.

Clearly, affordability is becoming a problem. . .
As I learned from Ludwig Von Mises and the other brilliant Austrian economists – the Fed created a bubble in auto-loans by keeping rates low and printing trillions. And now they’re going to blow the whole thing up with their rate hikes.
Just like taking the free drinks away. . .

I expect delinquent subprime loans to keep hitting new highs. And I expect the ‘growth’ story the pundits keep pushing down our throats will fade.
Because even if the auto-loan industry and general economy hasn’t rolled over yet, each new Fed rate hike pushes us one step closer to the edge.
0.25% at a time. . .

So, with our Macro-Fragility Index (MFI) alarmingly high in the auto sector – I’m going to spend time looking for opportunities here.
History shows us that when things start their descent into collapse – the subprime market is the first to get hit.
Food for thought. . .


POSTED MAY 16, 2018


It's been 55 years since there was a cease fire in Korea. Since that time there have been millions of U.S. servicemen and billions of dollars spent on that “cease fire". Over the years there have been attempts to implement a lasting peace there. Once an agreement is signed, our government drags its' feet in implementing the terms. The last real attempt took place under the Clinton administration. We had agreed to assist North Korea in building peaceful nuclear power. That was not done. There was also to be a relaxation of sanctions. That, also, was not done.

During the recent Presidential campaign in South Korea, candidate, Moon Jae-in , promised to normalize relations between the North and the South. He kept his promise. Things were going along so well. There was a summit scheduled between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump. Well, we can't have that. After all, there is a lot of money at stake here. Peace between the North and the South might mean the over 20,000 troops in the South would be asked to leave. All of those billions that have to be spent to support that massive presence would not be spent. So here comes John Bolton. Even before the summit, he is listing demands that the North Koreans need to meet. The real truth is, he, and those of his ilk, want to scuttle this potential peace plan.

Once again, Mr. Bolton, this is not your country. Syria is not your country. Yemen is not your country. Iran is not your country. The only country that is your country is, wait for it, the United States. If it's not here, it's not your business. President Moon Jae-in  and Kim Jong-un need to iron out their differences without any input from us. If they agree to unite somewhere down the road, good for them. Then, we can bring our troops home and keep our money here. Good advice for all these “adventures”

Bruce                                                   New World Order News

Pyongyang is not interested in any negotiations that envisage only unilateral denuclearization without guarantees North Korea won’t be left totally defenseless like Libya in case of aggression, deputy foreign minister has said.
Criticizing Washington’s demands for unilateral concessions and unconditional “nuclear abandonment,” North Korea’s first vice minister of foreign affairs Kim Kye-gwan recalled the eventual fate of Libya and said such negotiations style is unacceptable for Pyongyang.
“This is not an attempt to solve the problem through dialogue but rather the manifestation force the destiny of the collapsed Libya and Iraq to our dignified state,” Kim said, according to KCNA.
View image on Twitter
[View image on Twitter]
Seoul ‘regrets’ its drills with US forced Pyongyang to cancel intra-Korean talks 
10:30 PM - May 15, 2018

The US invaded Iraq in 2003, claiming Baghdad possessed weapons of mass destruction. No such weapons were ever found. That same year, Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi offered to shut down the country's nuclear weapons research. Libyan nuclear materials were transferred to the US. In 2011, however, the US and its NATO allies backed an armed rebellion that overthrew and killed Gaddafi and plunged Libya into chaos.
Coups R US: RT documentary looks at US ‘humanitarian’ interventions & regime changes

“I doubt whether the United States really wants sound dialogue and negotiation,” Kim added, again noting that “the world is so well aware that our country is not Libya or Iraq.”

Denouncing the ongoing “sanctions pressure offensive” against the North, he accused Washington of misrepresenting North Korea’s “generosity and bold measures as an expression of weakness.”

Last week, as a sign of goodwill, North Korea went on to release three Americans detainees accused of espionage – Kim Hak-song, Kim Sang-duk and Kim Dong Chul – removing one of the main obstacles ahead of the June 12 summit in Singapore. In another peaceful gesture, the North pledged to place a moratorium on nuclear and missile testing and in the spirit of transparency invited foreign journalists to watch the nuclear test site shutdown, scheduled for May 23-25.

“We will not be interested in talks anymore if (they) only try to push us unilaterally into a corner and force us to give up nukes,” he said. “It would be inevitable to reconsider whether to respond to the upcoming summit with the US.”

Deputy FM’s remarks came a day after Pyongyang’s decision to cancel negotiations triggered by Max Thunder 2018 military exercises between the South and the US, which are viewed by the North as a rehearsal for the invasion of the DPRK and a provocation amid warming inter-Korean ties.
“This training is aimed at .. and is a deliberate challenge to the Panmunjom declaration and is a deliberate military provocation,” KCNA wrote on Wednesday. “This training... reflects the unchanging attitude of the US and South Korea to continue 'maximum pressure and sanctions' against us.”

Washington however still aims to hold the Trump-Kim meeting as planned and has defended the right to conduct drills with its Asian ally.
“We have not heard anything from that government or the Government of South Korea to indicate that we would not continue conducting these exercises or that we would not continue planning for our meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong-un next month,” State Department's spokesperson Heather Nauert told reporters on Tuesday.

“I will say that Kim Jong-un had said previously that he understands the need and the utility of the United States and the Republic of Korea continuing in its joint exercises. They’re exercises that are legal; they’re planned well, well in advance,” she added.

POSTED MAY 15, 2018

Israeli government minister justifies Gaza massacre by calling Palestinians ‘Nazis’

In the 1965 movie “Doctor Zhivago”, there was a scene showing peaceful demonstrators marching through the street confronted by soldiers on horseback. The soldiers charged the demonstrators attacking them with swords. Many were killed and wounded. Although this scene was loosely based on a historic event, scenes like this have been repeated thousands of times throughout history. An out of control, despotic government is opposed by an outgunned populace. Government police then attack those opposed to them with brutal force.

The subject headline uses the term “Nazis”. That is a convenience people use to discredit those who oppose them. Sometimes it's justified, sometimes it's not. In the case of the Israeli government minister, it is not. The Israeli government has used the “Nazi” card repeatedly since the founding of their nation state. Their hope is to stifle any dissent rather than debate the charges against them. It is beyond debate that the Nazi party used brutality to enforce their will. Jews and others residing in Germany during that time were victimized by them. As I wrote before, this is not unique.

You would think that descendants of Jewish victims would be sensitive to these brutal methods. Rather than having disdain for them, they copy them. Once again, armed Israeli soldiers shot and killed unarmed Palestinians who were unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. There will be no punishment. There will be no condemnation from our government leaders. In fact our taxpayers will send them more money and more weapons to use on the unarmed. Then, just like the Nazis, they blame the victims. The Nazis felt they did the world a favor by killing Jews. The Israelis believe they are doing the world a service by killing the Palestinian “animals”.

Bruce                        New World Order News

Gilad Erdan, Israel’s minister of Strategic Affairs and Hasbara, referred to Gazans as “Nazis” twice within five minutes today.
“Despite the number of dead, we need to remember and remind: We’re not speaking about demonstrations. We’re talking about terrorists of a terrorist organization who endanger Israeli residents. All responsibility for the bloodshed lies with the leaders of Hamas, who, with Nazi anger, endlessly shed blood to erase from people’s memories their own failures in the management of the Gaza Strip. Here it is, the truth”
he tweeted this afternoon, in response to the massacre of dozens of Gazan protesters.
And then 5 minutes later:

“Israel does not wish to escalate and doesn’t want the death of residents of the Gaza Strip. Those who want this are solely the leadership of the Hamas terrorist organization, which uses a cynical and malicious use of bloodshed. The number of killed doesn’t indicate anything – just as the number of Nazis who died in the world war doesn’t make Nazismsomething you can explain or understand.”

At the time of writing, the death count is 52, including 5 minors and 1 paramedic. 2,410 injured – including 200 minors, 11 journalists. 28 in critical condition and 116 in serious condition. 1,204 shot by Israeli soldiers using live Israeli ammunition.
But all that “doesn’t indicate anything” according to Erdan – because essentially, they’re just Nazis.
And why should we not believe it, if it’s the very Minister of Propaganda saying so?
H/t Pabi Shrestha Arihant

POSTED MAY 14, 2018


In 2018 Amerika, freedom of speech is no longer allowed. Our government masters and their corporate masters determine what speech is permitted and what speech is not.

So, here comes Fox News. Until yesterday, Fox used retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney, as a frequent expert guest given his military expertise. Of course, LT. General McInerney is only an expert as long as he tows the line on political correctness. Yesterday, he referred to Senator John McCain as “songbird” McCain. This is in reference to the established fact that McCain, while a prisoner in North Vietnam, gave military information to the North Vietnamese, thus compromising the air campaign during that war.

Never mind that. FOX news, our government masters and the rest of the mediawhores have declared John McCain as a war hero. Even Donald Trump once quipped that getting shot down does not qualify one as a hero. One can have their own view, but what cannot be done is to stifle a contrary view. I have said in the past we shouldn't waste one minute of our time viewing the mediawhore programs. They are nothing but propaganda. If you really want to know the truth on an issue, get the prevailing position of our government masters and believe the opposite. More often than not, THAT will be the truth.

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Fox News is severing its relationship with retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney, who inaccurately claimed during an appearance on Fox Business Network Thursday that torture “worked on” Sen. John McCain, who endured a brutal 5 ½ years as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam.
The claim went unchallenged by the show's host, Charles Payne. He apologized after the show and McCain's wife, Cindy, who has been caring for her husband at their home near Sedona, admonished Fox Business Network and Payne. 
McCain, an 81-year-old Arizona Republican, has brain cancer. 

A Fox News spokeswoman told various media outlets on Friday that McInerney will not be invited back for appearances on Fox Business Network or Fox News Channel. McInerney has served as a contributing military analyst for the network; according to the spokeswoman, his contract ended last August.

McInerney's comments about McCain came during a conversation about President Donald Trump's CIA nominee, Gina Haspel. During her testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, she would not address the morality of interrogation techniques.
Asked how Congress should consider Haspel, McInerney said, "the fact is ... it worked on John. That's why they call him 'Songbird John.'"
McCain has always talked candidly about how he made a false confession tape after enduring "days of extreme physical abuse" and that he always regretted it.

McCain was diagnosed with glioblastoma in July. He is at his family retreat near Sedona, where he has been visiting with family and friends, who are crisscrossing the country to spend time with him.

On Wednesday, McCain weighed into the public debate over Haspel, a 33-year CIA veteran. He called her an American patriot, but said her "role in overseeing the use of torture by Americans is disturbing. Her refusal to acknowledge torture’s immorality is disqualifying.”
As a candidate, Trump questioned McCain's status as a war hero and the two have clashed over numerous issues, including Trump's support of tortuous interrogation tactics. 

POSTED MAY 11, 2018


If you are Netanyahu, you would say Iran. If you were the U.S., you would say maybe Pakistan or Iran or some other perceived enemy. Give up? It was Israel. The subject article provides pictures of the weapons with the Israeli writing on them. Yes, this is the same Israel that accuses all of their neighbors of terrorism, producing nuclear weapons and planning to destroy Israel. It's the same Israel that shoots unarmed civilians with dum-dum bullets. It's the same Israel that violates the air space of Lebanon to shoot missiles into Syria while claiming they are protecting themselves.

So now the evidence is in. It wasn't any of the so-called terrorist enemies of Israel that supplies ISIS in Syria, it's Israel. At the risk of being labeled anti-Semitic, I believe the majority of decent citizens within Israel are just as much against this lunatic policy as are most of the rest of us.

The saddest part of this is it could all be stopped in a New York minute. All of the middle east wars --- all of the killing of innocent civilians--- all of the provocations for more war--- the constant threat of a nuclear war, could all be stopped if our President did one thing. He could pick up the phone and let our spoiled brat child (Israel) know, if the attacks on civilians don't stop, if the unprovoked attacks on Syria and other countries don't stop, if the violations of Lebanese airspace doesn't stop, there will be no more financial aid, there will be no more weapons provided and any war they start will be fought be them and them only. You would be amazed how fast real peace talks will commence.

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The Syrian Army, backed by the wider coalition of government forces, has made sweeping gains in Damascus in recent months, liberating the entire East Ghouta region via operation Damascus Steel, and recovering chunks of territory in south Damascus, where the Daesh* terror organization maintains a presence.

Terrorists in the south Damascus towns of Babila, Yelda and Beit Sahem handed over their "medium and heavy weapons" to the Syrian Army on Friday, according to reports by the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA.) The militants will now be transported to the Idlib governorate as part of the agreed transfer deal. 

A local SANA reporter said the militants handed over an array of armaments, including weapons produced by Israel. The list of relinquished weapons includes machine guns, sniper rifles, mortar launchers, improvised explosives and landmines.

Both Iran and Syria have accused Israel of aiding terrorists, including Daesh fanatics, in Syria, especially in Damascus and near the Golan Heights.
Tehran described the Israeli Defense Forces' (IDF) attack against Syria on May 10 as Tel Aviv’s latest attempt to assist terrorists in the country, who have suffered a string of defeats at the hands of Syrian government forces, backed by their Russian and Iranian allies.

READ MORE: Israel Strikes on Syria Kill at Least 23 Fighters — Reports
The reporter said that some of these weapons had been used in recent attacks on civilian and military facilities in Damascus.
Earlier in the day, terrorists in another area of the south Damascus pocket fired rockets at a government-held neighborhood, injuring three civilians, SANA reported, citing an informed source in the Damascus Police Command.

POSTED MAY 10, 2018


It's all coming together. The insaniacs who control Israel and many countries around the world, (including ours), took another giant step forward yesterday. Media reports say Israel and Syria exchanged rocket fire in the Golan heights and near Damascus. Israel says Iranians fired rockets into the Golan heights and then they had to respond. Of course there is no evidence. When the insaniacs say something, there never is any evidence. So World War 3 took another step forward. Is there anyone out there who thinks this will not escalate?

So why did I combine the 2 updates? The collapse and the war are connected. Spending trillions of dollars we don't have to blow things up is not a good economic plan. Our acknowledged national debt is 20 times what is was when Reagan was President. It will never be paid. It cannot be paid. Earlier this year Donald Trump pushed through a tax cut promising this will stimulate the economy. Of course, the money for the tax cut will have to be borrowed since there isn't any money. O.K., let's say Americans will have a little more money to spend, but wait, Tuesday Donald Trump took it all away and more.

Tuesday, Donald Trump announced the U.S. will pull out of the P5+1 agreement with Iran. He then announced sanctions on Iran, some of which take place immediately, others down the road. Then yesterday, I noticed that all of the gasoline and diesel prices here in East Tennessee went up by 20 cents a gallon. Yes, you guessed it. There goes the tax cut and here comes a reduction in disposable income for all drivers. Also, here comes increased costs for all who use vehicles to deliver their products. Can you say inflation?

Of course these actions make no sense. They only help a very, very few and that ain't us. We are running out of time. Average Americans are going to have to take to the streets to protest this crap or many of us will be living in the streets.

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New US sanctions could come as soon as next week
Jason Ditz Posted onMay 9, 2018CategoriesNewsTagsEU, Iran, Trump

One day after President Trump scrapped US involvement in the P5+1 nuclear deal with Iran, the White House says new sanctions against Iran’s civilian nuclear program will be coming very soon.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee-Sanderspromised “enormous sanctions on them,” saying that the intention is all former sanctions are to be back in place, and that the administration will add new ones on top of that as soon as next week.

That’s the plan, at least. In reality, the pre-deal sanctions were heavily negotiated internationally, and there is no sign that anyone else will be going along with the US push this time. Indeed, there is every reason to believe the European Union will block US sanctions from being enforced, and may threaten retaliatory sanctions against the US in the process.

That’s exactly what the EU did in 1996, when the US threatened to punish foreign companies that do business with Cuba. The US ultimately backed down. Since European companies are facing much bigger economic opportunities in Iran than they ever did in Cuba, there will be a lot of pressure for them to do the same here.

The US can stop its own businesses from dealing with Iran, but this is of little consequence in most cases. Even when the US was obliged to ease sanctions on Iran, they largely never did, and American companies were still scared away from dealing with them.
The “teeth” of the US sanctions last time were their ability to apply to the whole world. Yet the circumstances, Iran still in a nuclear agreement with everyone else and the US the only one disavowing it, mean most have little reason to go along with it.


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Yesterday, we were treated to another pile of B.S. From Donald Trump. This time it was him. Previously, it was Obama and Bush Jr. and Hillary and Bill and Bush sr. and on and on and on. So, what is the real truth? By now most interested Americans realize that they will never get the truth on anything from our government masters or the mediawhores. Fortunately, for the first time in history, average citizens can find the truth, with a little effort, on their computers.

Today's article covers a Brookings Institute report released in 2009. I have posted a link to the full report. In that report the “intellectuals” writing it calmly give suggestions for conquering Iran. They suggest letting Israel start trouble. They talk about invading Iran. They suggest agitating dissension within Iran. Maybe we could do some “limited airstrikes”. Even though those writing the report consider themselves “intellectuals”, they aren't very smart. All anyone has to do when considering a President talking tough about Iran, is to look at the real plan. Fortunately for us, those in the Brookings Institute have made it easy.

It's time for Americans to tell our government masters we have had enough. They couldn't implement their sinister plans without our money and without our blood. One of the main reasons the war in Vietnam stopped, was millions of Americans refused to participate. Maybe this generation can take a clue from them.

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By Brandon Turbeville

On Tuesday, May 8, U.S. President Donald Trump announced that the United States will be pulling out of the “Iran Nuclear Deal” which was struck under the Obama administration, a deal that he has repeatedly called a “bad deal” and even “the single worst deal I’ve ever seen drawn by anybody.”
“The so-called Iran deal was supposed to protect the United States and our allies from the lunacy of an Iranian nuclear bomb, a weapon that will only endanger the survival of the Iranian regime,” the President said. “In fact, the deal allowed Iran to continue enriching uranium and over time reach the brink of a nuclear breakout.”

He added that “Today, we have definitive proof that this Iranian promise was a lie.”
Yet there is absolutely no evidence to back Trump up on his claims. Even Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and the Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats have stated that Iran is living up to its commitments. Still, Trump has argued in the past that, while Iran may be sticking to its commitments, it is violating the “spirit” of the agreement by “fostering discord” in the region.

This is highly ironic considering that the United States is the single biggest fosterer of discord in the Middle East alongside Israel. It’s also false that Iran is “fostering discord” and that it is not living up to its end of the deal. It should also be pointed out that Iran was doing nothing wrong in terms of its nuclear program before the deal and should never have been bullied into signing it to begin with.

Now, a sovereign country who has a right to pursue a nuclear energy program is being told by aggressive nuclear states that it cannot be allowed to be armed in the same manner, develop an adequate energy program, or defend itself against the aggression of the very states marching across the region and repeatedly stating their desire to overthrow, destabilize, or invade Iran.

But while this new move may come as a shock to some, it shouldn’t. After all, the Iran deal itself was nothing more than the first step in the coming war on Iran. This can be seen clearly in the pages of the corporate-financier think tanks who develop and present US foreign and domestic policy. For instance, the Brookings Institution, as Tony Cartalucci writes, “whose corporate-financier sponsors include arms manufacturers Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Raytheon, energy giants Exxon Mobil, BP, Aramco, and Chevron, and financiers including Bank of America, Citi, and numerous advisers and trustees provided by Goldman Sachs,” wrote in 2009 of the plan to use just such a “deal” to then justify military action against Iran.
The Brookings Institution Report – Which Path To Persia?

The plan for a Western or a Western/Israeli attack on Iran, along with the theatre of alleged US-Israeli tensions leading up to a strike and outright war, has been in the works for some time. For instance, in 2009, the Brookings Institution, a major banking, corporate, and military-industrial firm, released a report entitled “Which Path To Persia? Options For A New American Strategy For Iran,” in which the authors mapped out a plan which leaves no doubt as to the ultimate desire from the Western financier, corporate, and governing classes.
The plan involves the description of a number of ways the Western oligarchy would be able to destroy Iran including outright military invasion and occupation. However, the report attempts to outline a number of methods that might possibly be implemented before direct military invasion would be necessary. The plan included attempting to foment destabilization inside Iran via the color revolution apparatus, violent unrest, proxy terrorism, and “limited airstrikes” conducted by the US, Israel or both.

Interestingly enough, the report states that any action taken against Iran must be done after the idea that Iran has rejected a fair and generous offer by the West has been disseminated throughout the general public. The report reads,
…any military operation against Iran will likely be very unpopular around the world and require the proper international context— both to ensure the logistical support the operation would require and to minimize the blowback from it. The best way to minimize international opprobrium and maximize support (however, grudging or covert) is to strike only when there is a widespread conviction that the Iranians were given but then rejected a superb offer—one so good that only a regime determined to acquire nuclear weapons and acquire them for the wrong reasons would turn it down. Under those circumstances, the United States (or Israel) could portray its operations as taken in sorrow, not anger, and at least some in the international community would conclude that the Iranians “brought it on themselves” by refusing a very good deal.

From the writings of Brookings, it is readily apparent for all to see what the latest browbeating over the “terrible” Iran deal and how the Iranians are not living up to their obligations under the agreement coming from the Trump administration are all about. The United States has bullied Iran into accepting a deal it should never have had to agree to in the first place, and now the U.S. is attempting to add restrictions and obligations that were never part of the deal to begin with and/or claim that Iran is not living up to its end of the deal. If Iran can be represented as having been uncooperative, Iran will be painted as having refused “a very good deal.” As the report states, any action taken against Iran must be done after the idea that Iran has rejected a fair and generous offer by the West has been disseminated throughout the general public. For that reason, the idea is being promulgated that Iran was offered a great deal at the disadvantage of the United States but Iran would not abide by even this agreement, continuing to insist on gaining nuclear weapons to destroy the U.S. and poor innocent Israel, forcing America’s hand after diplomacy failed.

Ironically, it is admitted by the authors of the report that the Iranians are not governed by lunatics intent on nuking the world but by entirely rational players. Still, they move forward with a number of options for attacking Iran. It should thus be obvious to anyone reading this report that the US, NATO, and Israel are uninterested in peace with Iran and are entirely focused on war and Iranian destruction.

“The so-called “Iran deal,” introduced during the administration of US President Barack Obama, represents precisely this “superb offer,” with Flynn’s accusations serving as the “turn down” ahead of the “sorrowful” war and attempted regime change the US had always planned to target Tehran with,” writes Tony Cartalucci of Land Destroyer Report.

The report continues to discuss the citations that could be used for an attack on Iran, clearly stating its intentions to create a plan to goad a non-threatening nation into war. It states,

The truth is that these all would be challenging cases to make. For that reason, it would be far more preferable if the United States could cite an Iranian provocation as justification for the airstrikes before launching them. Clearly, the more outrageous, the more deadly, and the more unprovoked the Iranian action, the better off the United States would be. Of course, it would be very difficult for the United States to goad Iran into such a provocation without the rest of the world recognizing this game, which would then undermine it. (One method that would have some possibility of success would be to ratchet up covert regime change efforts in the hope that Tehran would retaliate overtly, or even semi-overtly, which could then be portrayed as an unprovoked act of Iranian aggression.)

The question of the Israeli role in the possible attack against Iran is also mentioned by Brookings. In fact, in the chapter entitled, “Allowing or Encouraging An Israeli Military Strike,” Brookings not only outlines a potential strategy but essentially admits that the US-Israeli tension being hyped in the Western media is nothing more than a farce. Moreover, it discusses the possibility of Israel taking the lead in an attack against Iran, knowing that the U.S. would be drawn in under the guise of “defending” Israel. With an American public so thoroughly brainwashed to believe it is the religious duty of Christians to act as the sword Israel, it might very well be successful propaganda. Israel, of course, is adept at using its symbiotic relationship with the U.S., always ready to fight and die to the last American. In Chapter 5, entitled “Leave It To Bibi: Allowing Or Encouraging An Israeli Military Strike,” the document states,
..the most salient advantage this option has over that of an American air campaign is the possibility that Israel alone would be blamed for the attack. If this proves true, then the United States might not have to deal with Iranian retaliation or the diplomatic backlash that would accompany an American military operation against Iran. It could allow Washington to have its cake (delay Iran’s acquisition of a nuclear weapon) and eat it, too (avoid undermining many other U.S. regional diplomatic initiatives).

Why Iran?
There are a number of reasons why the United States and the NATO imperial army would like to see Iran destroyed over the coming years. Geopolitical reasons are, of course, front and center.

On one level, the Israeli connection stands as one obvious reason the United States has maintained an anti-Iran posture for nearly two decades. Iran not only stands as a regional opponent to the whims and aims of the Israeli settler state, but it also bankrolls and supports one of the greatest forces of opposition to Israel directly. Indeed, Israel was humiliated by Hezbollah in front of the world in 2006. Thus, if Iran is destroyed, Hezbollah goes with it and two of Israel’s biggest and most effective opponents disappear from the game board.

Iran has also played a major role in the defeat of Western-backed terrorist elements in Syria. Now that that the terrorists are being mopped up, the West and Israel are left with actual Iranian military personnel and military installations much closer to Israel than they were before.

The United States also sees Iran as an opponent due to Iran’s resistance to the Anglo-American insistence on global hegemony of its “Western” system of financial and corporate overseers in a global plantation owned by a world oligarchy. Iran stands in opposition to the Western system because it refuses to engage in a system private central banking as well as corporate and private financier domination of its society and culture. Maintaining its own national bank has long been a source of irritation for Wall Street and City of London vampires eager to sink their fangs into the blood supply of every nation on earth as has its refusal to knuckle under to the destruction of its culture through insidious methods and its alliance with other opponents of the Western agenda.

Iran also remains a close Russian ally and the last domino that needs to fall before the great Anglo-American army can march forward directly into Russia and break the largest country in the world into “manageable” parts. Once Iran is destroyed, Russia will be largely isolated and left to face the NATO alliance which has been slowly surrounding Russia over the last two decades.

As Tony Cartalucci writes in his article, “America Planned To Break ‘Iran Nuclear Deal’ Years Before Signing It,”
Israel’s growing role in provoking both Iran and Syria is a signal of US desperation. Brookings and other analysts both for and against US aggression toward Iran note that Israel itself is incapable of toppling the governments residing in either Damascus or Tehran. Israel’s role instead is to provoke a conflict and retaliation – or even stage what appears to be Syrian or Iranian retaliation – to then draw in the United States who may be capable of toppling either or both governments.  

POSTED MAY 8, 2018


The insaniacs will not stop. They are bound and determined to get the whole world into, what may be, the last war. Today, Donald Trump withdrew the U.S. from the P5+1 deal negotiated with Iran, Russia, the U.S., Britain, France, Germany and China. In spite of the fact that international monitors have confirmed Iran has kept all of the terms of this agreement, the U.S. is pulling out. The real problem is the insaniacs who run our country want to control the leadership of each and every country along with using the dollar as the reserve currency. Also, Israel, who controls U.S. foreign policy, wants to be the only superpower in the middle east.

Almost within a couple of hours, Israel attacked Syria while violating Lebanese air space. They are now calling up their reserves and massing troops on the Syria border. So, who are the terrorists in the middle east again?

I have to address a few of the delusions of Donald Trump. There was no gas attack waged by Assad last year. There was no gas attack waged by Assad last month. There was no Russian involvement in the poisoning of the former Russian spy in England. Iran has no nuclear weapons. Iran never has had any nuclear weapons. Iran does not have any program to develop nuclear weapons. There is only one nation in the middle east who has nuclear weapons. Guess who?

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With a very belligerent speech Trump nixed the nuclear deal with Iran. He also lied a lot in it. Neither is a surprise. The United States only keeps agreements as long as they are to its short term advantage - just ask native Americans. One can never count on the U.S. to keep its word.
Trump will reimpose U.S. sanctions on Iran because:

The nuclear deal was negotiated by the Obama administration and thus must be bad;
Israel wants to keep Iran as the boogeyman;
the Zionists and right wing nuts in the U.S. want the U.S. to attack Iran;
MAGA - Trump needs Iran as enemy of the Gulf states to sell more U.S. weapons.

Three European countries, Britain, France and Germany, were naive enough to think they could prevent this. The EU3 offered the U.S. to put additional sanctions on Iran for other pretended reason - ballistic missiles and the Iranian engagement in Syria. I was disgusted when I first read of the plan. It was obvious from the beginning that it  would only discredit these countries AND fail.

Luckily Italy and some eastern European countries shot the effort down at the EU level. They were not willing to sacrifice their credibility over the issue. The nuclear agreement was signed and should be followed by all sides. They pointed out that there was no guarantee from Trump that any additional European effort would change his view.

Over the last weeks some last EU3 attempts to influence Trump were made. They were in vain:
On Friday, Pompeo organized a conference call with his three European counterparts. Sources who were briefed on the call told me Pompeo thanked the E3 for the efforts they had made since January to come up with a formula that will convince Trump not to pull out of the nuclear deal — but made it clear the President wants to take a different direction. ...

After Trump's statement, the European powers want to issue a joint statement which will make it clear they are staying in the Iran deal in an attempt to prevent its collapse.

The sanctions Trump will reintroduce are not just limiting U.S. dealings with Iran, but will also penalize other countries. That will lead to a flurry of protective measures as at least some of those other countries will limit their exposure to U.S. rules and may even introduce counter sanctions:
“We are working on plans to protect the interests of European companies” Maja Kocijancic, EU spokeswoman for foreign affairs, told reporters in Brussel.
Iran will largely stick to the nuclear deal if the EU effectively defends it and does not hinder Iranian deals with European companies. If the EU fails to do so the nuclear agreement will be null and void. Iran will leave the deal. The neoliberal Rouhani government that agreed to the deal will fall and the conservatives will be back. They will defend Iran's sovereignty at all costs.

The U.S. seems to believe it can go back to the same position Obama had build up in the years before the nuclear deal. Iran was under UN sanctions and all countries, including China and Russia, held them up. The Iranian economy was in serious trouble. It needed to negotiate a way out. That situation will not come back.

U.S. credibility has been seriously damaged. Its soft power is gone. Its hard power has shown to be inadequate in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.
China and Russia are both making huge deals with Iran and are now effectively its protectors. While they have no common ideology all three oppose a globalized world under exclusive "western" rules. They have the economic power, the population and resources to do so. Neither the U.S. nor Europe has come to terms with that.

Iran has not only new allies but gained in the Middle East because of U.S., Israeli and Saudi stupidity. The wars on Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen have all strengthened Iran's position while it largely kept largely out of them. The recent election in Lebanon went well for the 'resistance' camp. Within Lebanon Hizbullah can no longer be challenged. The upcoming elections in Iraq will result in another Iran-friendly government. The Syrian army is winning the war waged against the country. The U.S. position in Afghanistan is hopeless. Saudi Arabia is now in a fight with the UAE over the war on Yemen. The GCC spat with Qatar is still unsolved.

While Israel wants to keep Iran as a boogeyman to divert attention from its genocidal campaign against Palestinians, it does not want a large war. Hizbullah in Lebanon has enough missiles to make modern life in Israel untenable. A war on Iran could easily end up with Tel Aviv in flames.
There are some people in the Trump administration who will want to wage war on Iran. The Bush administration also had such plans. But any war gaming of a campaign against Iran ended badly for the U.S. and its allied states. The Gulf countries are extremely vulnerable. Their oil output could be shut down within days. That situation has not changed. The U.S. is now in a worse strategic position than it was after the invasion of Iraq. As long as somewhat sane people lead the Pentagon they will urge the White House not to launch such an endeavor.

The U.S. withdrawal from the nuclear deal is a huge mistake. Defense Secretary Mattis spoke against it. Will Trump make an even bigger mistake despite the opinion of his military advisors? Will he wage war on Iran?



POSTED MAY 7, 2018

Boy Skirts of America: Century-Old Youth Club Caves to PC Police

The subject article covers, still another, leftist attack on mainstream institutions in our nation. These radical leftists have succeeded shutting down one institution after another, taking down “offensive” statues, removing “offensive” words from our vocabulary, preventing those with opposing views from expressing them and tightly controlling anyone who works for the mediawhores.

So here comes the Boy Scouts of America. Apparently, those teeny, tiny, very small number in charge of this organization feel that the very large majority of the rest of us should knuckle under to their very weird ideas. The latest was to change the name of the Boy Scouts of America to Scouts BSA’ . They also have commanded the Scouts BSA’ to allow girls into the organization. No, don't bother asking the millions of alumni and present members. You have to do as they command.

Here's an idea--- How about forming a new Boy Scouts of America? Use whatever name that is allowed. Follow the exact formula of the old Boy Scouts of America. Then let the weirdos who have ruined the old Boy Scouts see just how many join their new age, leftist group. Bye, Bye Scouts BSA’. We won't miss you.

Bruce                               New World Order News

The oldest youth group in the US has undergone a ‘sex-change’ operation of sorts by declaring itself a ‘gender neutral’ outfit. Such a move does a considerable disservice to both American men and women.

Founded in 1910 by the American media magnate and explorer William D. Boyce, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) provided a rite of passage to adulthood for over 100 million young men throughout its history.

According to biographer Janice Petterchak, Boyce structured his organization around particular ‘character-building’ attributes – like civic duty, patriotism and self-reliance – that he believed were crucial for “making men.”

William D. Boyce is certainly turning in his grave today.
In keeping with these extreme PC times, which got a generous dose of lunacy following revelations of (male) sexual impropriety in Hollywood – most famously on Harvey Weinstein’s casting couch (which I believe should be donated to the Smithsonian Institute to commemorate the soft spot where Liberals lost their collective mind) – the Boy Scouts of America got the memo that it’s time to adjust their sails to a Category 5 cultural storm.

Masculinity is now “toxic” & a “mental illness.” The #BoyScouts of America is dropping 'Boys' frm name. This is the culture war we face. The goal of the left is to convert men into weak, feckless, cupcakes. We just survived 8 years of one in the White House. Not cool. #tcot #ccot
3:41 PM - May 2, 2018

Thus, lest anyone think them racist or sexist or whatever, America’s largest youth club has dropped the obscene four-letter word ‘Boys’ from its logo, opting instead for the emasculated sounding ‘Scouts BSA’. The makeover, however, will be more than just cosmetic. Starting next year, girls will be accepted into the fraternal camping clan.

In fact, over 3,000 girls have already been granted membership in the Cub Scouts, a branch group for children ages 7-10. Meanwhile, the Boy Scouts, meticulously ticking all the compulsory PC boxes, has also affirmed its open-door policy to that infinitesimal segment of the US population that identifies as ‘transgender.’

“We wanted to land on something that evokes the past but also conveys the inclusive nature of the program going forward,” said Chief Scout Executive Mike Surbaugh. “We’re trying to find the right way to say we’re here for both young men and young women.”
Personally, I think the newfound craze for vilifying and terminating male-only organizations has a lot to do with the ongoing inquisition against men, and more often than not living white men, who are now being held accountable for every historical crime committed by their deceased ancestors.

From slavery to colonialism to female oppression, white men are now viewed as public enemy number one. The situation has gotten so out of control that even historical monuments to long-dead white men are being removed from main squares across the country. If that fails to convince you that something is rotten in the land, then a quick look at a lecture syllabus from any number of liberal universities just might do the trick.

“There are whole disciplines in universities forthrightly hostile towards men,” explains Professor Jordan Peterson in his bestselling book, 12 Rules for Life. “These are the areas of study dominated by the post-modern neo-Marxist claim that Western culture in particular is an oppressive structure, created by white men to dominate and exclude women.”

The unspoken message behind this critical focus on white men and their troubled past is that they can no longer be trusted to assemble in private without a female chaperone. Everything from “misogynist” male-only golf clubs to the innocence of the Boy Scouts is perceived as fertile breeding ground for the next big male screw-up. And here is where things get downright hypocritical and stupid: As hirsute males are now under extreme societal pressure to open their cigar rooms to women, the women themselves are under no such obligation to return the courtesy and invite the ungodly males into their private spaces.

The Girl Scouts of America, for example, will continue selling their cookies and meeting behind closed doors without any smelly boys around. And the hypocrisy does not end there. The exclusion of males is now acceptable in the upper reaches of polite society as well.

“Since the explosion of movements like Lean In, Me Too and Time’s Up, more women are seeking male-free environments where everything is tailored to a feminine (and mostly feminist) agenda, from networking to working out,” Marilisa Racco wrote in the National Online.

Racco believes that advocates for male-free zones will argue their case on the premise that “women have long been denied equality” and now the women should be free to host private female-only clubs where they devise strategies, I’m guessing, to smash through that glass ceiling put in place by mean old white men.

There are some glaring problems with this approach. First, such an agenda that wants to hit the pause button on male progress so “women can catch up” is not only dangerous to the ongoing functioning of society, it is insulting to the millions of intelligent, hard-working women out there. There are far too many smart and savvy females who do not need any sort of special favors from men to advance themselves.

Second, such a strategy employs the same discriminatory measures that the ‘old male network’ used against women and other minorities for centuries. Yet the PC caravan that hopes to make everyone equal overnight seems perfectly fine with that.
As it stands, American society is now in the midst of a great experiment, where the internal ‘hardware’ of the male and female species is being unnaturally reconfigured: knock the men down a few pegs on the ladder while lifting up the women (who, it must be said, really only joined the Western workplace in the aftermath of World War II). Does it surprise anyone that we are now witnessing the rise of bizarre movements where boys, for example, are being encouraged to wear female fashions, while pre-schoolers too young to lace up their own shoes are expected to understand their ‘sexual identities’? Is that how we’re expected to ‘balance the scales’?

How long can a nation that insists on turning biological fact into fiction in order to create an artificial equality be expected to survive? Not very long, I would guess.

In any case, a backlash is rising on the part of many men who are feeling a bit resentful about their new status, which is increasingly one of unemployment, sinking wages and even suicide. This demographic, which continues to hear tales of ‘male privilege,’ fail to see how that stereotype bears any semblance to the reality of their lives.

In fact, aside from testosterone-fueled spectator sports, like boxing, rugby and football, is there still a need in this high-tech world for ‘male traits’? Mother Nature has been tamed to the point of destruction, the roads and seas have been made largely safe for passage, while even warfare has become a detached, surgical affair that has made the swashbuckling warriors of yesteryear redundant.

All things considered, this seems to be the worst possible time for the Boy Scouts of America, which served for over a century as a ‘rite of passage’ for millions of young boys on the arduous road to manhood, to decide to change gears and recruit females.

There comes a time in the history of every nation when a particular movement, failing to understand the will of the people, pushes the boundaries of acceptability too far, thus endangering the very society it wishes to help. It appears American society has reached that point with the emasculation of the Boy Scouts. The Liberals have crossed the cultural red line, I would say, and it is high time for some sort of push back.


POSTED MAY 4, 2018


Let me say from the outset I am not automatically saying the Palestinians are always the “good guys”. Labeling any group, Nationality or race the “good guys” or the “bad guys” is a generalization not backed up by facts. We know there are good and bad in all groups. Most of us can point to acquaintances, neighbors or relatives that are good or are not so good.

Knowing that, we get back to the demonstrations at the Gaza, Israeli border. The Palestinians have been conducting demonstrations for the past several weeks demanding the right of return guaranteed by the U.N. upon the founding of the State of Israel in 1948. No such return has been allowed by Israel, So, the demonstrations are held. The Israel response has been to shoot at unarmed people. Killing some, wounding others. The subject article and picture shows what happens to the bullets that are fired by Israeli troops. The bullet expands upon impact, mutilating the body into which it hits.

Is this Christian? Is this even justified or, in any way humane? God help us all, if the U.S. empire falls and power is ceded to those who have been victimized for decades.

Bruce                                      New World Order News

When he was hit by a bullet fired by Israeli forces during demonstrations in Gaza on April 6, Mohammed al-Zaieem lost so much blood, and his left leg was so deformed, he feared he wouldn't survive.
His arteries, veins and a large piece of bone were destroyed. His right leg wasn't spared either as the round created a massive exit wound and then hit it as well. 

By the time he was transferred to Istishari Arab Hospital in Ramallah after undergoing seven surgeries in Gaza, there was nothing doctors could do to save his left leg.

It had to be amputated, unbeknown to al-Zaieem, 22, who was unconscious at the time.
"No one dared to tell him [when he woke up from the surgery]. I couldn't," said his cousin of the same name, who lives in the occupied West Bank.
"As he was trying to get up, he suddenly felt the imbalance in his legs. He was in shock. It's like he was searching for his leg. It was the hardest moment for him. He was silent for five minutes while I was talking with him." 

Al-Zaieem is among the 24 Palestinians who have had their limbs amputated since the March of Great Return mass protests started on March 30.
Medics on the ground say Israeli forces are shooting at demonstrators with a new type of round - never seen before - known as the "butterfly bullet", which explodes upon impact, pulverizing tissue, arteries and bone, while causing severe internal injuries.

All 24 amputees were shot with a single explosive bullet, including journalists Yaser Murtaja and Ahmad Abu Hussein who succumbed to their wounds after being shot in the abdomen.

"All of their internal organs were totally destroyed, pulverized," said Ashraf al-Qedra, Gaza's health ministry spokesman.
The bullets are the deadliest the Israeli army has ever used, according to al-Qedra.

"Normally, a regular bullet breaks the leg [upon impact]. But these bullets create massive wounds, indicating that an explosion happened inside the body. It's an expanding bullet. It pulverizes the leg, and the leg gets cut off [as a result]," al-Qedra explained.
A wounded demonstrator is evacuated at a recent March of Great Return protest, where Palestinians demand the right to return to their homeland 

At least 45 Palestinians have been killed since the March of Great Return movement began a month ago - the vast majority by this new type of explosive bullet, health officials say. About 7,000 Palestinians have been wounded.
Gaza's medics have struggled to cope, not just with the sheer number of injured demonstrators that rush through the hospital doors every Friday, but also to properly treat these kinds of ghastly wounds.

Medical staff from Doctors Without Borders (MSF) operating in Gaza say patients who have been shot with the rounds have sustained fist-sized wounds of an "unusual severity" and will have to undergo "complex surgical operations".

"Half of the more than 500 patients we have admitted in our clinics have injuries where the bullet has literally destroyed tissue after having pulverized the bone," said Marie-Elisabeth Ingres, head of MSF in Palestine, in a report.

"Managing these injuries is very difficult... A lot of patients will keep functional deficiencies for the rest of their life."
Explosive rounds were banned internationally under the 1899 Hague Convention because of the "unnecessary injury and suffering caused from large bullet wounds".

Under international law, when the use of force is unavoidable, law enforcement officials must make all efforts to minimise injury.
"We know about the kind of wounds that this bullet creates in the body and from the remnants of the bullets, the shrapnel that they take out. We know that this is something that we've never seen before," al-Qedra said, adding that the rounds have been used since the March of Great Return movement began.

A spokesperson from the Israeli army rejected the allegations.
"The IDF only employs means that are lawful under international law. No new bullets or gas have been employed during the recent events in the Gaza Strip," the spokesperson said in an email to Al Jazeera.

Butterfly bullet is a type of bullets that launched faster than sound and causes severe damage in flesh layers and bone when hitting the human body. It is used by the Israeli army snipers against the armless demonstrators on the borders of gaza. #BDSOurWeapon @basemn63 #Israel70

Many have documented how Israel has "turned the occupied territories into a laboratory for refining, testing and showcasing its weapons systems", which it later sells worldwide with the advertisement that the products have been "tested in combat".
Israel is smaller than New York, yet it's believed to be the largest per capita weapons exporter in the world.
The butterfly bullet, however, isn't the only new weapon featured prominently in the protests in Gaza.
Palestinians have also noted an unknown toxic gas launched at demonstrators, which provokes severe convulsions.

The yellow-green gas has caused many who were exposed to it to convulse, their legs and bodies thrashing violently as they lay on the ground.
Others suffered from asphyxia or experienced extreme migraines and rapid heart rates.

"It's much more dangerous than tear gas, and its symptoms are more severe," explained Dr Ashraf Joma'a, a chemistry specialist from Gaza, noting it is difficult to find an appropriate treatment.

"One of the cases is Ahmed Zo'rob, 18, who has lost his consciousness since the first Friday of the march [March 30] and has been transferred to Egypt for treatment," Joma'a said.

"We have unexploded gas bombs as samples here, but the scientific potential in Gaza is too weak to properly detect the various advanced gases used by the Israeli occupation," Joma'a said.

"These are internationally prohibited weapons, and we call on the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and the international community to send an investigative committee."

Seventy-five people are currently being hospitalised because of exposure to the gas.
Last Friday, Gaza's Ministry of Health reported that Israeli forces launched unidentified gas bombs at medical service centres, east of al-Bureij refugee camp in central Gaza, which resulted in severe vomiting, convulsions and asphyxia for dozens.

"For regular gas, it takes just a few minutes to apply treatment," Qedra said. "But in these cases it often takes patients seven hours in the hospital to recover."

Tear gas canisters are fired by Israeli troops at Palestinian demonstrators at the Israel-Gaza border [Ibraheem Abu Mustafa/ Reuters]

In another first, the Israeli army also experimented with "crowd control" methods last March by using drones to drop tear gas on protesters.
On Friday Amnesty International issued a report calling on governments worldwide to impose an arms embargo on Israel following the country's "disproportionate response" to the demonstrations along the border fence. 
"The nature of these injuries shows that Israeli soldiers are using high-velocity military weapons designed to cause maximum harm to Palestinian protesters that do not pose imminent threat to them," said Magdalena Mughrabi, Amnesty's deputy regional director for the Middle East and North Africa.

"These apparently deliberate attempts to kill and main are deeply disturbing, not to mention completely illegal. Some of these cases appear to amount to willful killing, a grave breach of the Geneva Conventions and a war crime."

For Palestinians in Gaza, there are few options. The situation is dire but protesting for change comes at a huge risk.
On that fateful afternoon on April 6, al-Zaieem had seen a wounded protester, bleeding from the leg, lying on the ground about 70 metres away from the fence and fully exposed to the line of fire.

He ran over and quickly dragged the wounded young man to a safer area behind the nearest sand mound.
The Israelis shot at them several times, but they were unscathed. Al-Zaieem waited about 10 minutes for the shooting to calm down - but the Israelis were waiting as well, his cousin recounted to Al Jazeera from the West Bank.

The moment al-Zaieem stood up to run and call the paramedics, he felt the "electricity" run through his leg as an explosive bullet hit him.
"Later he said, 'It's okay' and that 'It's God's will; praise be to God'. But he's just pretending," his cousin said sadly.
"His disability is a death penalty for him. He lost his future. Deep down, he wishes he died instead. He loved football so much, but now he won't even be able to walk without crutches. What a loss."

UPFRONT: Gaza protests: Will Israel stop using deadly force? (12:37)


POSTED MAY 3, 2018


Just last month a study on the deplorable state of education in Michigan came out. It showed a sizable number of state students can barely read after finishing the 8th grade. Of course all of the other necessary courses in Math, History, Literature and science are also lagging behind the rest of the nation and the nation is lagging behind many other nations.

Those of us who were educated before the Department of Education, Common Core and No Child left behind, can tell you why current education is in decline. Simply said, too much of today's education is taken up by too much P.C. crap and too little time is spent on reading, writing and arithmetic.

So here comes the State of Illinois. By the way --- this is the soon to be bankrupt, State of Illinois. According to the subject article, the State of Illinois is going to require public school students to be educated in LGBT history. Never mind the fact that most of their students aren't proficient in U.S. history, let's get them into LGBT history. Although I haven't seen the text or lesson plans, I will bet my dollar to your penny that this is nothing more than another cheap, false, indoctrination program. Yes, when these students graduate, I'm sure employers will be lined up to hire them now that they are proficient in LGBT history. There's another reason to homeschool your child.

Bruce                                 New World Order News

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) - The Illinois Senate has approved requiring public schools to teach LGBT history.
The Senate voted 34-18 Wednesday on the plan by Chicago Democratic Sen. Heather Steans.

It would require schools to teach a history unit on the role in society and contributions of gays, lesbians and other LGBT individuals .
Steans says it is consistent with state law that already requires students learn the history of races or ethnicities like blacks, Asians, Hungarians, and French people.

California is the only state with an LGBT education law. It was enacted in 2017.
Republican Sen. Chuck Weaver of Peoria says the initiative could infringe on religious freedom. Other Republicans say schools would maintain control over how the topic is taught.

The legislation goes to the House

POSTED MAY 2, 2018


The subject article covers an academic report published by Europhysics news. In that report, it was concluded that none of the 3 towers collapsed on 911 due to fire. As has been stated many times by those who are experts in the area of demolition, these skyscrapers did not have sufficient burning temperature to melt the steel supporting the buildings. Even if the buildings did collapse due to fire, they would not have fallen in 12 seconds. It would have been more like a minute and a half.

Never mind that. Our government masters say fire did it and that should be enough. After all, how are we going to justify the 10's of trillions of dollars spent on non-stop wars all over the world.

All of the wars-- All of the trillions-- all of the spying on citizens--- all of the cracking down by police – all of it, is based on the biggest lie in American history.

Bruce                                      New World Order News

Ever since the moment that the towers fell, people have been saying that it was a controlled demolition. Now we might have academic evidence to prove the theory as fact!
An academic report was published by Europhysics News just in time for the anniversary of 9/11 is questioning the official explanation for the collapse of all three World Trade Center buildings on September 11, 2001. The conclusion may make even the most rational person rethink their outlook.

The report notes:
“It bears repeating that fires have never caused the total collapse of a steel-framed high-rise before or since 9/11. Did we witness an unprecedented event three separate times on September 11, 2001? The NIST [U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology] reports, which attempted to support that unlikely conclusion, fail to persuade a growing number of architects, engineers, and scientists. Instead, the evidence points overwhelmingly to the conclusion that all three buildings were destroyed by controlled demolition. Given the far-reaching implications, it is morally imperative that this hypothesis be the subject of a truly scientific and impartial investigation by responsible authorities.”
Titles “15 Years Later: On the Physics of High-Rise Building Collapses,” the investigation was conducted by Steven Jones, a former professor emeritus of civil engineering at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada and fellow of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering and the Engineering Institute of Canada; Anthony Szamboti, a mechanical design engineer; and Ted Walter, author of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth’s Beyond Misinformation: “What Science Says About the Destruction of World Trade Center Buildings 1, 2 and 7.”

Here are some of the observations the researchers offered:
Fires Typically are not hot enough and do not last long enough in any single area to generate enough energy to heat the large structural members to the point where they fail.
Most-high rises have fire suppression systems, which further prevent a fire from releasing sufficient energy to heat the steel to a critical failure state.
Structural members are protected by fireproofing materials, which are designed to prevent them from reaching failure temperatures within specified time periods.
Steel-framed high-rises are designed to be highly redundant structural systems. Meaning, if a localized failure occurs, it does not result in a disproportionate collapse of the entire structure.

“Countless other steel-framed high-rises have experienced large, long-lasting fires without suffering either partial or total collapse,” the report points out.
“Indeed, neither before nor since 9/11 have fires caused the total collapse of a steel-framed high-rise—nor has any other natural event, with the exception of the 1985 Mexico City earthquake, which toppled a 21-story office building. Otherwise, the only phenomenon capable of collapsing such buildings completely has been by way of a procedure known as controlled demolition, whereby explosives or other devices are used to bring down a structure intentionally.”
The report goes on to confirm the scientists’ doubts regarding the official explanation by referencing the head structural engineer of the buildings. John Skilling, was interviewed by the Seattle Times following the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, who was concerned about a possible airplane attack, performed an analysis that proved the towers would withstand the impact of Boeing 707:

“Our analysis indicated the biggest problem would be the fact that all the fuel (from the airplane) would dump into the building. There would be a horrendous fire. A lot of people would be killed…The building structure would still be there…However, I’m not saying that properly applied explosives—shaped explosives—of that magnitude could not do a tremendous amount of damage…. I would imagine that if you took the top expert in that type of work and gave him the assignment of bringing these buildings down with explosives, I would bet that he could do it.”

It was also written that “The total collapse of WTC 7 at 5:20 pm on 9/11, is remarkable because it exemplified all the signature features of an implosion: The building dropped in absolute free fall for the first 2.25 seconds of its descent over a distance of 32 meters or eight stories. Its transition from stasis to free fall was sudden, occurring in approximately one-half second. It fell symmetrically straight down. Its steel frame was almost entirely dismembered and deposited mostly inside the building’s footprint, while most of its concrete was pulverized into tiny particles. Finally, the collapse was rapid, occurring in less than seven seconds. Given the nature of the collapse, any investigation adhering to the scientific method should have seriously considered the controlled demolition hypothesis, if not started with it. Instead, NIST (as well as the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which conducted a preliminary study prior to the NIST investigation) began with the predetermined conclusion that the collapse was caused by fires.”
To this day, there is still a large amount of unexplained evidence that further supports the theory controlled demolitions took place on that horrendous day fifteen years ago. Not to mention the fact that media outlets reported on the collapse of WTC Building 7 before it even collapsed.
People will always speculate, and those of us who question the official story will continue to be labeled as crazy conspiracy theorists.


POSTED MAY 1, 2018


The insaniacs hope somebody will assist them in starting World War 3, but they're not taking any chances. The provocations are everywhere. I have posted 3, of today's headlines, on this subject. Just click on the headline to view the whole article.

One reveals that our military is operating in 20 African countries. Yes, the bombing and attacking of other nations has worked so well, we need to provide this benefit to some other nations. Then there is Ukraine. Years after supporting the violent coup against the freely elected President of that nation, the U.S. has not achieved the desired result in trying to provoke a war with Russia. So, our nation, with your money, is sending anti-tank missiles to Ukraine. Hmmm--- I wonder who has tanks that need to be destroyed? Moving right along--- our spoiled brat, Israel, has stated that they will attack Iran, if necessary. Since when are any of their “attacks” necessary? Was it necessary to shoot unarmed civilians in Gaza. Was it necessary to bomb Gaza every time they claim someone fires a souped up bottle rocket into an unoccupied field? Has it been necessary to repeatedly attack Syria, destroying infrastructure and killing civilians?

No, when Israel says they will attack, if “necessary”, forget the “necessary” and assume they are just going to attack. We all know where this is going. While most Americans are distracted with other things, these people are pushing America, and maybe the world, into the final days. Maybe there are some in power who will stop the madness. If that is so, they better hurry up.

Bruce                                 New World Order News




If we are to survive as a species we must reign in the insaniacs. Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is one of the biggest. Over the years he has made many allegations towards his neighbors that, after a period of time, were shown to be outright lies. Never mind that, because here we go again. Today, Netanyahu claimed to have proof that Iran is developing nuclear weapons. After a long, slick display, no such proof emerged. Then, Donald Trump echoed what Netanyahu said and agreed that Iran is developing nuclear weapons.

Who runs this country anyway? It seems that whatever the government of Israel wants from us, they get. Whether it is billions of dollars, or space age weapons, or fighting their enemies with our military, they get it. By the way, did anyone see Netanyahu talk about the Israeli nuclear program? Did he explain why Israel has refused to sign the nuclear non proliferation treaty?

Don't get me wrong. I am not advocating abandoning the Israeli people, but it is time for the U.S. to reign in our “spoiled brat” government of Israel. They are going to have to get along with their neighbors. We have to let them know that if they start wars based on lies, they are on their own. The alternative will be war with Iran, war with Russia, war with China and war enveloping the whole world. They may think they are special, but nobody is that special.

Bruce                                 New World Order News

Netanyahu To Again Cry Wolf - But Something Bigger Is Up
By Moon Of Alabama

April 30, 2018 "Information Clearing House" -  U.S. President Trump wants to end the nuclear agreement (pdf) with Iran and wants to eliminated Iranian forces in Syria which support the Syrian government. Something is being prepared to make that happen.
Last week General Joseph Votel, commander of CENTCOM - the U.S. military command for the Middle East, was in Israel. It was the first ever visit of a CENTCOM commander to Israel which usually works with the European command EUCOM.

Yesterday former CIA director and now Secretary of State Pompeo visited Israel. A few hours later Israel bombed two ammunition depots in Syria which are supposedly related to Iran. This was a clear attempt to provoke Iran into some reaction.
The Israeli defense minister Lieberman just visited Washington DC and only today came back to Israel.
Are You Tired Of The Lies And Non-Stop Propaganda?

Now the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu loudly announced that he will hold a press conference to present a "huge amount of new and dramatic information on the Iranian nuclear program". He will allege that Iran cheats on the nuclear agreement (JCPOA).
Netanyahoo is a notorious liar and warmonger. In September 2002 he lied (vid) to the U.S. congress: 
There is no question whatsoever that Saddam is seeking and is working and is advancing towards the development of nuclear weapons – no question whatsoever”

Only yesterday he promoted a false story that claimed Arabs in Israel had disrupted a minute of silence for some people killed in a flash flood.
The IAEA says that Iran is in full compliance with the JCPOA. If there were any serious intelligence about any Iranian deviation from the nuclear agreement it would be presented to the IAEA and the six signature powers of the agreement. The IAEA would investigate and report back. If Iran cheated it would be put back under serious international sanctions. That Netanyahu wants to present something publicly makes it very likely that he has nothing of relevance.

We hear that the documents he is said to present were compiled by one Christopher Steele and assembled with the help of one Sergej Skripal and his MI6 handler [redacted]. They will show that Iran attempts to buy yellowcake uranium from Niger.

This new comedy stunt by Netanyahu is tightly coordinated with the Trump administration.  Trump's national security advisor John Bolton has worked with the Zionists since early 2000 to push for a war on Iran:

During multiple trips to Israel, Bolton had unannounced meetings, including with the head of Mossad, Meir Dagan, without the usual reporting cable to the secretary of state and other relevant offices. Judging from that report on an early Bolton visit, those meetings clearly dealt with a joint strategy on how to bring about political conditions for an eventual U.S. strike against Iran.

Behind Trump, Netanyahu and Bolton is one financier, the militant Zionist and casino magnate Sheldon Adelson. He financed Trump's and Netanyahoo's election campaigns and the various think tanks that create anti-Iranian propaganda and paid Bolton.

Trump wants to leave the nuclear agreement but the other signers, China, Russia, the UK, France and Germany want to keep it up. Just leaving the JCPOA without cause will increase doubt over any agreement the U.S. wants to make on other issues. The allegations Netanyahoo will put forward, no matter how ridiculous they may be, could give Trump some excuse to put new sanctions on Iran without actually leaving the agreement.
But even that does not explain all the recent meetings and visits by the various Israeli and U.S. officials. French soldiers and mercenaries from the UAE have entered north-east-Syria. What for? The Saudis are on board with any operation against Iran.
Something big is up and we do not know yet what it might be.
That was lame. Netanyahu just finished his show. He claimed that Israel got access to an Iranian archive of its former nuclear program dating from 1999 to 2003. In 2007 a U.S. National Intelligence Estimate found that Iran stopped all nuclear weapon research in 2003 after the U.S. had destroyed Iran's then arch-enemy Iraq. In 2011 the IAEA reported in detail of Iran's former "structured program". It agreed that it had stopped in 2003.
All that Netanyahoo now claims to have acquired is old and known stuff. He refers to an AMAD plan Iran had as if that was some new intelligence. But the IAEA documented AMAD and its development in 2011 (PDF, Annex, page 5). He uses the archive documents of known former programs to declare that Iran has cheated and is not trustworthy. He says that gives Trump reason to disavow the nuclear agreement the U.S. and others had signed with Iran. That is bullshit.

I had expected better from him. Some well forged documents or something more dramatic. This was just nonsense.
My feeling is that this was a diversion from an upcoming military(?) operation against Iran or its assets in Lebanon, Syria or Iraq.
This article was originally published by "Moon Of Alabama " -  
'Mossad, CIA Agree Iran Has Yet to Decide to Build Nuclear Weapon'



The Bible uses the term “grand delusion” to describe some of the events that will define the “last days”. No where can this be better illustrated than the story of former President, Barack Obama.

The subject article covers a number of troubling questions that have yet to be answered concerning the identity of the former President. First of all, how many people do you know that are identified by an alias? That's just the beginning. Obama has a number of Social Security numbers. The main one was once held by a man from Connecticut who died while on vacation in Hawaii. Obama never lived in Connecticut. He claims to have attended Columbia University, yet there is no one there who remembers him. He was supposed have been born in Hawaii, yet there is no record of his mother ever being admitted to any hospital there at the time of his birth.

Back to “Grand Delusion” ---- there are many examples of people clinging to stories that are impossible. The government stories on the events of 911, Oklahoma City bombing, the assassination of John Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King are some examples. We have just been through an event where our President and others in the government claimed citizens in Syria were attacked with poison gas by the Syrian government. Despite the fact that this has now been exposed as a total fabrication, millions continue to believe it.

So here we are in Orwellian territory where up is down and in is out and truth is a lie and lies are truth. Those in charge, rather than try to justify their contentions, resort to childish name calling using terms like “tin foil hat” and “conspiracy theorist” to deflect attention from their impossible stories. We have more information at our fingertips than any people that have ever lived, but it makes no difference. I believe if Barack Obama ran for President today, he would still get 60 million people to vote for him.

Bruce                                  New World Order News


His 8 years of living in the White House is over.
This came from a union guy in Chicago who didn't vote for Obama. Very interesting perspective!
It will be interesting to see what they put in his "Library" about his early years now that he is out of office.
In a country where we take notice of many, many facets of our public figures' lives, doesn't it seem odd that there's so little we know about Barack Obama?
For example, we know that Andrew Jackson's wife smoked a corn cob pipe and was accused of adultery; Abe Lincoln never went to school; Jack Kennedy wore a back brace; Harry Truman played the piano.
As Americans, we enjoy knowing details about our news makers, but none of us know one single humanizing fact about the history of our own ex-president. We are all aware of the lack of incontestable birth records for Obama; that document managing has been spectacularly successful.
There are however, several additional oddities in Obama's history that appear to be as well managed as the birthing issue.
One other interesting thing... There are no birth certificates of his daughters that can be found?
It's interesting that no one who ever dated him has shown up. The charisma that caused women to be drawn to him so strongly during his campaign, certainly would in the normal course of events, lead some lady to come forward, if only to garner some attention for herself. 
We all know about JFK's magnetism, that McCain was no monk and quite a few details about Palin's courtship and even her athletic prowess, Joe Biden's aneurysms are no secret; look at Cheney and Clinton, we all know about their heart problems. Certainly Wild Bill Clinton’s exploits before and during his White House years, were well known.
That's why it's so odd that not one lady has stepped up and said, “He was soooo shy..." or "What a great dancer…"
It's virtually impossible to know anything about this fellow. Who was best man at his wedding? Start there. Then check groomsmen.
Then get the footage of the graduation ceremony. Has anyone talked to the professors? It is odd that no one is bragging that they knew him or taught him or lived with him.
When did he meet Michele, and how? Are there photos there? Every president gives to the public all their photos, etc. for their library, etc. What has he released? And who voted for him to be the most popular man in 2010? Doesn't this make you wonder?
Ever wonder why no one ever came forward from Obama's past saying they knew him, attended school with him, was his friend, etc?? Not one person has ever come forward from his past.
It certainly is very, very strange… This should be a cause for great concern. To those who voted for him, you may have elected an unqualified, inexperienced shadow man. Have you seen a movie named "The Manchurian Candidate”
As insignificant as each of us might be, someone with whom we went to school will remember our name or face; someone will remember we were the clown or the dork or the brain or the quiet one or the bully or something about us.
George Stephanopoulos of ABC News said the same thing during the 2008 campaign. He questions why no one has acknowledged he was in their classroom or ate in the same cafeteria or made impromptu speeches on campus. Stephanopoulos also was a classmate of Obama at Columbia -- the class of 1984. He says he never had a single class with him.
He is such a great orator; why doesn't anyone in Obama's college class remember him? Why won't he allow Columbia to release his records? Nobody remembers Obama at Columbia University
Looking for evidence of Obama's past, Fox News contacted 400 Columbia University students from the period when Obama claims to have been there... but none remembered him.
Wayne Allyn Root was, like Obama, a political science major at Columbia who also graduated in 1983. In 2008, Root says of Obama, “I don't know a single person at Columbia that knew him, and they all know me. I don't have a classmate who ever knew Barack Obama at Columbia, ever.” Nobody recalls him. Root adds that he was also, like Obama, Class of '83 Political Science, and says, "You don't get more exact or closer than that. Never met him in my life, don't know anyone who ever met him. At class reunion, our 20th reunion five years ago, who was asked to be the speaker of the class? Me. No one ever heard of Barack! And five years ago, nobody even knew who he was. The guy who writes the class notes, who's kind of the, as we say in New York, 'the macha’ who knows everybody, has yet to find a person, a human who ever met him.”
Obama's photograph does not appear in the school's yearbooks and Obama consistently declines requests to talk about his years at Columbia, provide school records, or provide the name of any former classmates or friends while at Columbia.
Some other interesting questions:
1.Why was Obama's law license inactivated in 2002? It is said there is no record of him ever taking the Bar exam.
2.Why was Michelle's law license inactivated by court order? We understand that it was forced to avoid fraud charges.
3. It is circulating that according to the U.S. Census, there is only one Barack Obama but 27 Social Security numbers and over 80 alias’ are connected to him. The Social Security number he uses now originated in Connecticut where he is reported to have never lived. And was originally registered to another man (Thomas Louis Wood) from Connecticut, who died in Hawaii while on vacation there. As we all know Social Security Numbers are only issued 'once, they are not reused. No wonder all his records are sealed…
Please continue sending this out. Somewhere, someone has to know SOMETHING, before he reorganized Chicago ?... SOMETHING!!! He just seemed to burst upon the scene at the 2004 Democratic Convention. ANYONE??? ANYWHERE??? ANYTHING???
I think soon much is going to come to light about this highly unqualified person who was President of the United States for 8 years. Soon, we will know how badly we were all doped and duped by this impostor who has basically, with much help from his minions, brought the greatest nation in history to its knees in ruins.
That will be his legacy.
He totally destroyed the Integrity, morals and Christian heritage of our once great country.
Who in the hell is he? 
Is America dumb or what ?




Over the past several months I have put forth the theory that the U.S. foreign policy of continual war and the threat of more war, all around the world, would motivate many nations to unite against the U.S. The subject article has confirmed that this is exactly what is happening.

No nation is safe. Former friends become enemies over night. Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafiin, Joseph Stalin, Manuel Noreiga, Hosni Mubarek, as well as the nations of Serbia, Pakistan and the kurds, are just a few of the examples of U.S. doublecrosses. Add to this the continual and constant threat of military attacks against anyone who displeases the insaniacs in charge of U.S. foreign policy and one can understand why any nation would be nervous about any relationship with the U.S.

It is still generally accepted that the U.S. is the most powerful military power in the world. Most nations would not stand a chance if attacked by the U.S. The examples of Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Serbia and Yemen shows how a country can be bombed into the stone age with millions left dead. So the only answer for self defense is to form alliances. The U.S. may be the most powerful military in the world, but is it powerful enough to fight everyone else at the same time? This article covers the alliance of just 4 nations: India, Pakistan, China and Russia. All are nuclear powers. Their total population is around 3 billion people. Fighting all of them along with some other nations joining in would be a really bad idea for us. The only question remaining is, do the insaniacs care?

Bruce                                  New World Order News


INDIA and Pakistan appear desperate to prevent World War 3 breaking out as the two nuclear armed nations engage in joint military drills with Russia and China, it has emerged.
PUBLISHED: 00:45, Thu, Apr 26, 2018 | UPDATED: 01:34, Thu, Apr 26, 2018
India and Pakistan appear desperate to prevent World War 3 breaking out
Nirmala Sitharaman, the defence minister of India, stated New Delhi will be taking part in the exercises being held by Vladimir Putin towards the end of the summer.

He stated: “Our shared neighbourhood facing a range of issues such as cross-border terrorism, extremism, cyber security, and narcotics trafficking.
“These issues require solutions based on cooperative frameworks that involve all countries and stakeholders.
“India will participate strongly in SCO Peace Mission joint military exercises being held in Russia later this year.

The exercise will take place from the end of August to the beginning of September in Russia’s Ural Mountains.
India’s participation in such an operation comes during a time of incredible tensions with neighbours Pakistan and China.
New Delhi and Islamabad have not taken part in such an engagement together before - there have been four previous SCO military training drills.
Both India and Pakistan became full SCO members in June last year.

New Delhi will be taking part in the exercises being held by Vladimir Putin
The operation to help all four nations rid their respective regions of terrorism comes amid fears ISIS is moving its terror network into Central Asia.
India’s external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj, previously highlighted the threat of “global terrorism” and emphasised the importance of creating a “strong security architecture”.

She commented: “There are a number of challenges that are being faced by the world today, foremost being the threat of global terrorism and the imminent need to build a strong security architecture to combat it.

India’s participation comes during a time of incredible tensions with Pakistan
“Terrorism is an enemy of the basic human rights: of life, peace and prosperity.”
Mr Sitharaman added: “Arguments of political convenience to provide an alibi for terrorist organisations that support terrorism through material support or otherwise are no longer tolerable.
“Indeed, as the world has realised, there are no good terrorists.”



Of course we could still see WW3 break out in Syria or North Korea or a number of other places, but the insaniacs are running out of time, so now they may be looking at starting a war in Ukraine. The reason I say the insaniacs are running out of time is the economy continues to hang by a thread. Most financial analysts predict a severe market correction could happen any time. Knowing that, the best way for the insaniacs to remain in charge is to start a war and wave the flag. Hopefully, for them, all good Americans will forget about the financial collapse and rally around the flag.

Getting back to Ukraine--- a report just came in that Donbass is being shelled by the Ukraine military under the direction of NATO (the U.S.). I'm not totally sure of the source for this story, but I am sure that Ukraine has repeatedly shelled Donbass in violation of the cease fire agreement negotiated a couple of years ago. I am also sure that our government has publicly acknowledged fomenting the coup against the freely elected government in Ukraine. Our government has also acknowledged sending billions of your dollars in this pursuit.

In studying the history of the 3rd Reich, many have chastised the German people for allowing ever increasing outrages committed the Nazis including starting World War 2 based on lies. O.K. That's reasonable. What's our excuse?

Bruce                           New World Order News

Earlier today, Fort Russ published an op-ed by Russell Bentley, who revealed that a new offensive is about to begin on the Donbass in early May.
Today, mortar shelling has been carried out on the Yasinovaya town by the Ukrainian army, under the command of NATO. Such a statement was made by the deputy head of the operational headquarters of the self-proclaimed Democratic People’s Republic of Donetsk, Eduard Bazurin.

“According to our information, the operation was conducted by NATO artillery advisers, who arrived the day before to conduct field tests and training of Ukrainian security forces” said Basurin.

He added that American radar systems are deployed on the roofs of several multi-storey houses in Avdeevka, a few kilometers north of Donetsk.


The Centers for Disease Control conducted but never released a bombshell survey which indicated incidents of defensive gun uses in America dwarf those of offensive gun uses.

The CDC's study backed up a similar study conducted by Florida State University criminologist Gary Kleck one year prior in 1995 which indicated there were over 2.2 million defensive gun uses per year, but Kleck only just learned about it because the results were hidden for over two decades. 

From Reason:
Kleck's new paper--"What Do CDC's Surveys Say About the Frequency of Defensive Gun Uses?"--finds that the agency had asked about DGUs in its Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System in 1996, 1997, and 1998.

Those polls, Kleck writes,
are high-quality telephone surveys of enormous probability samples of U.S. adults, asking about a wide range of health-related topics. Those that addressed DGU asked more people about this topic than any other surveys conducted before or since. For example, the 1996 survey asked the DGU question of 5,484 people. The next-largest number questioned about DGU was 4,977 by Kleck and Gertz (1995), and sample sizes were much smaller in all the rest of surveys on the topic (Kleck 2001).
Kleck was impressed with how well the survey worded its question: "During the last 12 months, have you confronted another person with a firearm, even if you did not fire it, to protect yourself, your property, or someone else?" Respondents were told to leave out incidents from occupations, like policing, where using firearms is part of the job. Kleck is impressed with how the question excludes animals but includes DGUs outside the home as well as within it.

Kleck is less impressed with the fact that the question was only asked of people who admitted to owning guns in their home earlier in the survey, and that they asked no follow-up questions regarding the specific nature of the DGU incident.

From Kleck's own surveys, he found that only 79 percent of those who reported a DGU "had also reported a gun in their household at the time of the interview," so he thinks whatever numbers the CDC found need to be revised upward to account for that. (Kleck speculates that CDC showed a sudden interest in the question of DGUs starting in 1996 because Kleck's own famous/notorious survey had been published in 1995.)

At any rate, Kleck downloaded the datasets for those three years and found that the "weighted percent who reported a DGU...was 1.3% in 1996, 0.9% in 1997, 1.0% in 1998, and 1.07% in all three surveys combined."

Kleck figures if you do the adjustment upward he thinks necessary for those who had DGU incidents without personally owning a gun in the home at the time of the survey, and then the adjustment downward he thinks necessary because CDC didn't do detailed follow-ups to confirm the nature of the incident, you get 1.24 percent, a close match to his own 1.326 percent figure.

He concludes that the small difference between his estimate and the CDC's "can be attributed to declining rates of violent crime, which accounts for most DGUs. With fewer occasions for self-defense in the form of violent victimizations, one would expect fewer DGUs."

Kleck further details how much these CDC surveys confirmed his own controversial work:
The final adjusted prevalence of 1.24% therefore implies that in an average year during 1996--1998, 2.46 million U.S. adults used a gun for self-defense. This estimate, based on an enormous sample of 12,870 cases (unweighted) in a nationally representative sample, strongly confirms the 2.5 million past-12-months estimate obtained Kleck and Gertz (1995)....CDC's results, then, imply that guns were used defensively by victims about 3.6 times as often as they were used offensively by criminals.
Kleck said the "CDC never reported the results of those surveys, does not report on their website any estimates of DGU frequency, and does not even acknowledge that they ever asked about the topic in any of their surveys."




Yesterday, I read an article about a former NFL player apologizing for taking a picture holding a gun. Yes, our society has gone bonkers. Here are the apologies I didn't see in the media: I didn't see an apology from the government of Israel for killing and maiming over 1700 unarmed civilians at the Gaza border. I didn't see an apology from Saudi Arabia or their U.S. benefactors for the killing of over 20 people attending a wedding in Yemen. I didn't see an apology from the U.S., France or Britain for a missile attack on Syria last week for a gas attack that never happened. I didn't see an apology from Britain blaming Russia for an alleged poisoning of 2 former Russian spies that now appears to have been perpetrated by others.

No, the mediawhores and our government masters have completely and totally lost their minds. There is death and devastation everywhere. Our government is riddled with crooks. We have runaway debt on all levels that cannot and will not be paid. No, never mind that! Let's worry about someone taking a picture with a legally owned gun. Let's promote non-stop pro gay propaganda in almost every T.V. program. Let's spend all our time and energy debating transgenderism. Let's scream about Trump and and the nonsense over Russian collusion. In other words, let's not pay any attention to anything real. Let's go through the “looking glass” and spend all of our time and effort in a pretend world of fantasy.

Bruce                                     New World Order News

An Israeli general has confirmed that when snipers stationed along Israel’s boundary with Gaza shoot at children, they are doing so deliberately, under clear and specific orders.

In a radio interview, Brigadier-General (Reserve) Zvika Fogel describes how a sniper identifies the “small body” of a child and is given authorization to shoot.

Fogel’s statements could be used as evidence of intent if Israeli leaders are ever tried for war crimes at the International Criminal Court.
On Friday, an Israeli sniper shot dead 14-year-old Muhammad Ibrahim Ayyoub.

The boy, shot in the head east of Jabaliya, was the fourth child among the more than 30 Palestinians killed during the Great March of Return rallies that began in Gaza on 30 March.

More than 1,600 other Palestinians have been shot with live ammunition that has caused what doctors are calling “horrific injuries” likely to leave many of them with permanent disabilities.

As eyewitnesses and video confirmed, the child Muhammad Ayyoub posed no conceivable danger to heavily armed Israeli occupation forces stationed dozens of meters away behind fences and earthen fortifications on the other side of the Gaza boundary when he was killed.
Even the usually timid United Nations peace process envoy Nickolay Mladenov publicly declared that the slaying was “outrageous.”
Targeting children

On Saturday, Brigadier-General Fogel was interviewed by Ron Nesiel on the Israeli public radio network Kan.
Fogel is the former chief of staff of the Israeli army’s “southern command,” which includes the occupied Gaza Strip.
Ahmad Tibi, a Palestinian lawmaker in Israel’s parliament, drew attention to the interview in a tweet.

A recording of the interview is online (it begins at 6:52). The interview was translated for The Electronic Intifada by Dena Shunra and a full transcript follows this article.

The host Ron Nesiel asks Fogel if the Israeli army should “rethink its use of snipers,” and suggests that someone giving orders “lowered the bar for using live fire.”

Fogel adamantly defends the policy, stating: “At the tactical level, any person who gets close to the fence, anyone who could be a future threat to the border of the State of Israel and its residents, should bear a price for that violation.”
He adds: “If this child or anyone else gets close to the fence in order to hide an explosive device or check if there are any dead zones there or to cut the fence so someone could infiltrate the territory of the State of Israel to kill us …”

“Then his punishment is death?” Nesiel interjects.

“His punishment is death,” the general responds. “As far as I’m concerned then yes, if you can only shoot him to stop him, in the leg or arm – great. But if it’s more than that then, yes, you want to check with me whose blood is thicker, ours or theirs.”
Fogel then describes the careful process by which targets – including children – are identified and shot:

“I know how these orders are given. I know how a sniper does the shooting. I know how many authorizations he needs before he receives an authorization to open fire. It is not the whim of one or the other sniper who identifies the small body of a child now and decides he’ll shoot. Someone marks the target for him very well and tells him exactly why one has to shoot and what the threat is from that individual. And to my great sorrow, sometimes when you shoot at a small body and you intended to hit his arm or shoulder, it goes even higher.”
For “it goes even higher,” Fogel uses a Hebrew idiom also meaning “it costs even more.”

In this chilling statement, in which a general talks about snipers targeting the “small body of a child,” Fogel makes crystal clear that this policy is premeditated and deliberate.

While presenting unarmed Palestinian children as dangerous terrorists worthy of death, Fogel describes the snipers killing them in cold blood as the innocent, vulnerable parties who deserve protection.

“We have soldiers there, our children, who were sent out and receive very accurate instructions about whom to shoot to protect us. Let’s back them up,” he says.

Lethal policy

Fogel’s statements are no aberration but represent Israeli policy.
“Israeli officials made it clear that the open-fire regulations would permit lethal fire at anyone attempting to damage the fence, and even at any person coming within 300 meters of it,” the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem stated in a recent analysis of Israel’s illegal targeting of unarmed civilians who pose no threat.

“Nevertheless, all state and military officials have steadfastly refused to cancel the unlawful orders and continue to issue – and justify – them,” B’Tselem added.

B’Tselem has called on individual soldiers to defy such illegal orders.

Following its investigation of the “calculated” killings of unarmed demonstrators on 30 March, the first day of the Great March of Return rallies in Gaza, Human Rights Watch concluded that the lethal crackdown was “planned at [the] highest levels of the Israeli government.”

Two weeks ago, the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court issued an unprecedented warning that Israeli leaders may face trial for the killings of unarmed Palestinian protesters in the Gaza Strip.

Potential defendants would be giving any prosecutor a gift with such open admissions that killing unarmed people in an occupied territory who pose no objective threat is their policy and intent.

The question remains whether anything will finally pierce the shield of impunity that Israel has enjoyed for 70 years.

Full Transcript
Brigadier-General (Res.) Zvika Fogel interviewed on the Yoman Hashevua program of Israel’s Kan radio, 21 April 2018.

Ron Nesiel: Greetings Brigadier General (Res.) Zvika Fogel. Should the IDF [Israeli army] rethink its use of snipers? There’s the impression that maybe someone lowered the bar for using live fire, and this may be the result?

Zvika Fogel: Ron, let’s maybe look at this matter on three levels. At the tactical level that we all love dealing with, the local one, also at the level of values, and with your permission, we will also rise up to the strategic level. At the tactical level, any person who gets close to the fence, anyone who could be a future threat to the border of the State of Israel and its residents, should bear a price for that violation. If this child or anyone else gets close to the fence in order to hide an explosive device or check if there are any dead zones there or to cut the fence so someone could infiltrate the territory of the State of Israel to kill us …

Nesiel: Then, then his punishment is death?

Fogel: His punishment is death. As far as I’m concerned then yes, if you can only shoot him to stop him, in the leg or arm – great. But if it’s more than that then, yes, you want to check with me whose blood is thicker, ours or theirs. It is clear to you that if one such person will manage to cross the fence or hide an explosive device there …

Nesiel: But we were taught that live fire is only used when the soldiers face immediate danger.

Fogel: Come, let’s move over to the level of values. Assuming that we understood the tactical level, as we cannot tolerate a crossing of our border or a violation of our border, let’s proceed to the level of values. I am not Ahmad Tibi, I am Zvika Fogel. I know how these orders are given. I know how a sniper does the shooting. I know how many authorizations he needs before he receives an authorization to open fire. It is not the whim of one or the other sniper who identifies the small body of a child now and decides he’ll shoot. Someone marks the target for him very well and tells him exactly why one has to shoot and what the threat is from that individual. And to my great sorrow, sometimes when you shoot at a small body and you intended to hit his arm or shoulder it goes even higher. The picture is not a pretty picture. But if that’s the price that we have to pay to preserve the safety and quality of life of the residents of the State of Israel, then that’s the price. But now, with your permission, let us go up one level and look at the overview. It is clear to you that Hamas is fighting for consciousness at the moment. It is clear to you and to me …

Nesiel: Is it hard for them to do? Aren’t we providing them with sufficient ammunition in this battle?

Fogel: We’re providing them but …

Nesiel: Because it does not do all that well for us, those pictures that are distributed around the world.

Fogel: Look, Ron, we’re even terrible at it. There’s nothing to be done, David always looks better against Goliath. And in this case, we are the Goliath. Not the David. That is entirely clear to me. But let’s look at it at the strategic level: you and I and a large part of the listeners are clear that this will not end up in demonstrations. It is clear to us that Hamas can’t continue to tolerate the fact that its rockets are not managing to hurt us, its tunnels are eroding …

Nesiel: Yes.

Fogel: And it doesn’t have too many suicide bombers who continue to believe the fairytale about the virgins waiting up there. It will drag us into a war. I do not want to be on the side that gets dragged. I want to be on the side that initiates things. I do not want to wait for the moment where it finds a weak spot and attacks me there. If tomorrow morning it gets into a military base or a kibbutz and kills people there and takes prisoners of war or hostages, call it as you like, we’re in a whole new script. I want the leaders of Hamas to wake up tomorrow morning and for the last time in their life see the smiling faces of the IDF. That’s what I want to have happen. But we are dragged along. So we’re putting snipers up because we want to preserve the values we were educated by. We can’t always take a single picture and put it before the whole world. We have soldiers there, our children, who were sent out and receive very accurate instructions about whom to shoot to protect us. Let’s back them up.

Nesiel: Brigadier-General (Res.) Zvika Fogel, formerly Head of the Southern Command Staff, thank you for your words.
Fogel: May you only hear good news. Thank you.




I just don't know what to say. This article reveals the U.S. government in cooperation with the British government, has established a bio-weapons lab at Porton Down in England. As one reads about the hundreds of thousands of experiments and views the pictures, many emotions may well up. Shame, outrage, shock, sadness and disgust are just a few. What has happened to us? Better said, what has happened to humanity? Is there no limit to the depravity that exists in some? Is there no conscience in those who go along just to have a job or position of importance?

Anyway, as much as I desire to reveal things that no one else will touch, you may want to think long and hard before going on.

Bruce                                     New World Order News

Dilyana Gaytandzhieva is a Bulgarian investigative journalist and Middle East Correspondent. Over the last two years she has published a series of revealing reports on weapons smuggling. Two months ago South Front published her investigation into the Pentagon bio laboratories in 25 countries across the world. Her current report provides an overview of the Pentagon-funded experiments at the secretive UK military laboratory Porton Down near Salisbury, where an ex-Russian spy and his daughter were allegedly poisoned with a nerve agent.
By Dilyana Gaytandzhieva exclusively for SouthFront

The Pentagon has spent at least $70 million on military experiments involving tests with deadly viruses and chemical agents at Porton Down – the UK military laboratory near the city of Salisbury. The secretive biological and chemical research facility is located just 13 km from where on 4th  March  former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were found slumped on a bench following an alleged Novichok nerve agent poisoning.

The Porton Down Lab is located just 13 km from the site where Sergei Skripal and his daughter were found and from where they were rushed to hospital.
Information obtained from the US federal contracts registry reveals that the Pentagon’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) has funded a number of military projects performed at the UK Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL), or Porton Down, over the last decade. Among them: experimental respiratory infection of non-human primates (marmosets) with Anthrax, Ebola virus, Marburg virus, Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus, Western equine encephalitis virus, and Eastern equine encephalitis virus. The US Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) has also funded experiments on animals which were exposed to chemical agents such as Sulfur Mustard and Phosgene gas. Phosgene gas was used as a chemical weapon during World War I where it was responsible for about 85 % of the 100,000 deaths caused by chemical weapons.
DTRA has also been granted full access to DSTL scientific and technical capabilities, and test data under a 2011 contract for the collaboration and exchange of scientific and technical capabilities with the UK Ministry of Defence.

At least 122,000 animals used for military chemical and biological experiments at Porton Down
Animal experiments are classified as confidential in the UK. Under section 24 of the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986, it is a criminal offence to disclose certain information about animal experiments in the UK.
Data obtained via the Freedom of Information Act though gives an idea of the dimensions of military chemical and biological experiments carried out at Porton Down. A total of 122,050 animals have been exposed to deadly pathogens, chemicals and incurable diseases over the last decade (2005-2016).

Monkeys being used in warfare agent testing at Porton Down in the past
Animals used include mice, guinea pigs, rats, pigs, ferrets, sheep, and non-human primates. Some of the deadly experiments have been sponsored by the Pentagon under contracts between DSTL and DTRA. Scientists at Porton Down have infected, or poisoned, animals in order to measure time to death and lethal dose of exposure. In practice, the possible use of the researched virus/chemical gas as a weapon.

Marmoset monkeys are experimentally infected at Porton Down with Ebola, Anthrax, Marburg Virus and other deadly pathogens. Scientists measure time to death and lethal dose of exposure to the bio agent. Photo credit: Vic Pigula

Ebola as bioweapon
12 Marmoset monkeys were experimentally infected with the Ebola virus, via aerosol, at Porton Down under a Pentagon-funded project – Experimental respiratory infection of marmosets with Ebola virus Kikwit (the Zaire strain of the Ebola virus which killed more than 245 people in Zaire, now Democratic Republic of Congo, in 1995). The project was part of a $6.3 million DTRA program running at Porton Down from 2012 to 2016 – Development of common marmoset models for category A/B pathogens and product evaluation in marmosets.

Source: Experimental Respiratory Infection of Marmosets (Callithrix jacchus) With Ebola Virus Kikwit, The Journal of Infectious Diseases, Volume 212, 1 October 2015

The experiment’s stated goal was to measure the lethal dose of exposure and time to death meaning that the Ebola virus Kikwit was researched for its potential as a bioweapon. All infected marmoset monkeys died from 6 to 10 days after exposure to the Ebola virus.

The Pentagon also funded studies on the deadly Marburg virus:  a $2.6 million project – Experimental respiratory Marburg virus haemorrhagic fever infection in the common marmoset, and another $1.4 million project – Marburg virus model development, which were undertaken at Porton Down in 2017. This virus causes viral hemorrhagic feverand is listed as a Category A Bioterrorism Agent. All infected monkeys died from 8 to 10 days. The aim of the studies was to examine the dose and time to death for animals exposed to aerosolized Marburg virus.

Source: Experimental respiratory Marburg virus haemorrhagic fever infection in the common marmoset (Callithrix jacchus), International Journal of Experimental Pathology
Under another $4.8 million project, funded by DTRA, Porton Down scientists along with the Pentagon contractor Mapp Biopharmaceutical tested Susceptibility and lethality of Western Equine Encephalitis Virus in mice when infected by the aerosol route. Mapp Biopharmaceutical is an American pharmaceutical company, which has developed an Ebola vaccine from the tobacco plant. According to the study, aerosol infection is the likely route of exposure to Western Equine Encephalitis Virus in a biowarfare scenario.

12 Marmoset monkeys were infected with anthrax at Porton Down during an experiment funded by the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The study, Experimental respiratory anthrax infection in the common marmoset (Callithrix jacchus), aimed at determining the lethal dose needed to kill 50% of the animals or the so called LD50 indicator. The value of LD50 for a substance is the dose required to kill half the members of the tested population after a specified test duration. Six of the monkeys died from anthrax from 40 to 140 h.

Source: Experimental respiratory anthrax infection in the common marmoset (Callithrix jacchus), US National Library of medicine

Chemical agent tests
British military scientists were funded by DTRA to perform Chemical Agent system testing as part of a $39.7 million Pentagon program (2012-2017) at Porton Down. Documents prove that the US Department of Defense Agency – DTRA funded animal experiments with chemical agents at the secretive British military lab.

In 2016 Porton Down scientists along with their colleagues from the US Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense published the results of a joint study Acute Gene Expression Profile of Lung Tissue Following Sulfur Mustard Inhalation Exposure in Large Anesthetized Swine. According to the funding information, this work was supported by two contracts with the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (US Department of Defense). During the experiment at Porton Down 16 pigs were exposed to mustard gas for about 10 minutes, at 12 h post exposure the animals were killed (three of them died during the experiment due to complications) and a full post-mortem examination performed in order to determine the lung damage caused by the sulfur mustard inhalation.

Sulfur mustard  is a chemical warfare agent that was first used on the battlefield in World War I. It has been classified as a Class 1 human carcinogen, meaning that it can also cause cancer. Mustard agents were regulated under the 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention as substances with no use other than in chemical warfare.

The last use of Sulfur mustard in battle was confirmed in Syria in 2016. According to the BBC, Islamic State (ISIS) jihadists used mustard gas against government forces in Deir-ez-Zor. The same chemical gas was confirmed to have been used by ISIS against Kurds in Northern Iraq. According to The Independent, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) confirmed that laboratory tests had come back positive for sulfur mustard, after around 35 Kurdish troops fell sick on the battlefield in August 2015.

Iraqi soldiers captured a cache of chemical weapons  from ISIS in Qayarah, Iraq, the rockets tested positive for sulfur mustard, October 2016. (Source: Ed

Alexander/BLACKOPS Cyber)
According to information obtained from the US Federal contracts registry, Porton Down scientists 5 months ago completed a $ 2 million military program involving chemical gas experiments on animals. This program was funded by the US Department of the Army on behalf of the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense (USAMRICD) and was launched in 2008 and further extended in 2012. The work on the program included Phosgene Gas tests. Amongst them – Continued Model Development to Establish Reproducible Phosgene Injury at 24 Hours. According to the program documents, the purpose was to monitor the development of acute lung injury following phosgene exposure. Phosgene gas was used extensively as a chemical weapon, most notably during World War I.

Coincidence: Guinea pigs at Porton Down and at the home of the poisoned ex-spy
Tests using nerve agents VX and VM on guinea pigs were  carried out at Poton Down in 2015. The project was funded by the UK Ministry of Defence. Interestingly, ginea pigs were also found at Sergei Skripal’s home in Salisbury, just a few kilometers away from the secretive chemical and biological military lab. A photo of the Skripals’ pets – a cat and guinea pigs, was posted by his daughter Yulia on Facebook.

Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia, photos: Facebook

Guinea pigs were found in the house of the poisoned ex-spy in Salisbury, just a few kilometers away from Porton Down, where such guinea pigs were used for nerve agent chemical tests.

In a 2015 report to the UK parliament the UK Ministry of Defence does confirm the use of animals for military chemical and biological experiments. The ministry states: “DSTL is proud to deliver cutting-edge science and technology for the benefit of national defence and security. Part of its work is to provide safe and effective countermeasures against the threat posed by chemical and biological weapons and to enhance the treatment of conventional casualties on the battlefield, which could not currently be achieved without the use of animals”.

Porton Down scientists test chemical gas on London Tube passengers
Chemical gas was released on thousands of unsuspecting commuters during a military experiment on the London Underground, documents reveal. These chemical tests were performed in 2013 by scientist from Porton Down.

Porton Down scientists released chemical gas on the London Underground in 2013.
The UK government never informed the British public of the military experiment on the London Underground. Thousands of people were exposed to chemical gas without their knowledge. Nor did the Ministry of Defence ask for their consent to participate in such military experiments. Information about the project can be obtained from a 2016 US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) document entitled Environmental Assessment of Proposed NYC Subway Tracer Particle and Gas Releases for the Underground Transport Restoration Project.
5 PFTs, SF6 and Urea were released on the London Underground in 2013 in the form of liquid aerosol droplets. Source: US Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

The document provides information about other programs running in the USA and UK from 2005 to 2016. Among them are the London Underground chemical trials. They were conducted by the Defense Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL), also known as Porton Down.
Information obtained from the UK government contracts registry confirms that Porton Down scientists conducted a study involving access to the London tube under a 3-year contract with the London Underground (2011-2014). The content of the project is not specified though.

According to the contract documents, the London Underground cannot communicate “on these matters with any media representative unless specifically granted permissions to do so. In the event that the Contract becomes classified the Contractor must safeguard information. Before publishing information to the general public, Porton Down may redact any information that would be exempt from disclosure if it was the subject of a request for information under the Freedom of Information Act”.

The London Underground is prohibited from public disclosure of information about the Porton Down project without permission, according to the contract documents. Source:

The controversial military laboratory was investigated for chemical and biological experiments on humans in the past. Up to 20,000 people took part in various trials from 1949 to 1989. In 2008, the UK Ministry of Defence paid 360 veterans £3 million without admitting liability.

Ronald George Maddison  was a twenty-year-old Royal Air Force engineer who died while undergoing tests with sarin at Porton Down in 1953,  according to declassified military documents.

Powder dissemination of chemical or biological agents
Presently Porton Down scientists produce and test dissemination of biological and/or chemical agents as they did in the past, documents from the UK government contracts registry reveal. Although the information is redacted, it still raises questions as to why the UK military needs to develop a new technique for dissemination of chemical or biological agents via the inhalational route. A private contractor – Red Scientific Ltd, was awarded a £50,000 contract in 2012 “to explore techniques that could be used to manipulate the flow ability of dry powders, principally to understand the delivery of solid particulate by inhalation, and to apply a variety of innovative powder manipulation techniques to a specific irritant powder (provided by DSTL)”.  If the work in 2012/13 proves to be successful there is potential for a second phase to be pursued in 2013/14 examining other powder materials with the same techniques, the contract documents reveal.  The project’s stated goal is marked improvement in the efficiency of aerosolisation over current techniques used at DSTL.

DSTL has awarded a private contractor to explore more advanced techniques for powder dissemination of chemical/biological agents. Source:
DSTL has also tested dissemination techniques in wind tunnels. A private company – NIAB Trading Ltd, was awarded a £12,020 contract to provide facilities and expertise to assist with wind tunnel assessments.

Such experiments involving the release of bacteria were conducted in the UK in the past during the joint UK-US military operation DICE. A declassified US Army document reveals that a series of 24 field trials took place off the coast of Portland and in Lyme Bay in the UK in 1975. Each field trial involved the spraying of massive bacterial aerosols from a converted Land Rover. Although the US and UK joined the UN Conventions on the prohibition of chemical and biological weapons, documents prove that their military programs have never ended.

Porton Down scientists conducted field tests in 1956. The masks on their faces allowed the collection of warfare simulants which had been sprayed from aircraft. Photo credit: Imperial War Museums

US official lied in Brussels about the Pentagon biolaboratories
Robert Kadlec, Assistant Secretary at the US Department of Health, categorically denied the existence of an American bio-weapons program at a seminar on the threat of biological and chemical weapons. The event was organized by the European Parliament on 7th March in Brussels. Asked why the information about the US military bio-laboratories in 25 countries bordering on Russia, China and Iran (the Pentagon’s main rivals) is classified, Kadlec responded: “They are not classified, they are openly available to anyone who wants to look at them.”
Documents about the Pentagon offshore bio-laboratories prove him wrong though.

[Salisbury Nerve Agent Attack Reveals $70 Million Pentagon Program At Porton Down] [Salisbury Nerve Agent Attack Reveals $70 Million Pentagon
Program At Porton Down] [Salisbury Nerve Agent Attack Reveals $70 Million Pentagon Program At Porton Down]
According to the 2005 Agreement between the US DoD and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine the Ukrainian government is prohibited from public disclosure of sensitive information about the US program. The Pentagon has been operating 11 biolaboartories in Ukraine.

Porton Down is just one of the Pentagon-funded military laboratories in 25 countries across the world, where the US Army produces and tests man-made viruses, bacteria and toxins in direct violation of the UN convention. These US bio-laboratories are funded by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) under a $ 2.1 billion military program– Cooperative Biological Engagement Program (CBEP), and are located in former Soviet Union countries such as Georgia and Ukraine, the Middle East, South East Asia and Africa.

The Pentagon-funded military facilities are not under the direct control of the host state as the US military and civilian personnel is working under diplomatic cover. The local governments are prohibited from public disclosure of sensitive information about the foreign military program running on their own territory. Without being under the direct control of the host state, these Pentagon bio-laboratories put the health of the local population at risk and must be closed.