Here we go again. Every time our government masters discover another crisis they come to the conclusion that we need to pay them more money to solve it. As if this is really necessary we need to refute some of their contentions.

First: There is no global warming. There hasn't been in over 13 years. Second: There is no evidence that human activity contributes to global warming. Third: There is no evidence that carbon dioxide causes global warming. Fourth: The documents produced showing hundreds of the top scientists in the world confirming the government findings have been shown to have been falsified.

It's all ridiculous and yet they continue as if it was all true. And why wouldn't they? If they can promote one lie after another (no matter how ludicrous) why not tell more? ---Kennedy assassination, Gulf of Tonkin, Saddam's nuclear weapons, Assad gassing his own people, 911, Oklahoma City bombing---. A few years ago, one of my friends told me that, according to me, everything the government says is a lie. Although he was being sarcastic, he was right and I told him so. The frustrating part is that it is all so obvious. All one has to do is spend a few minutes researching the facts, but I guess that would interrupt football or gaming. Anyway, enjoy the new carbon tax.

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Paris Climate Criminals Ignore Record Arctic Ice Growth

Posted on November 29, 2015 by stevengoddard

Climate fraudster Al Gore solemnly told the Nobel Committee that the Arctic could be ice-free by 2014

The Nobel Laureate repeated his brainless nonsense in 2009.

Gore: Polar ice cap may disappear by summer 2014

Instead of an ice-free Arctic, we just had the shortest melt season on record – followed by record sea ice growth. Arctic sea ice extent is the highest for the date since at least 2004.


Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut


Criminals at the New York Times and Guardian told us recently that Greenland is melting much faster than previously feared. In fact, Greenland’s surface is gaining record amounts of ice, with 250 billion tons of new ice over the last three months.


Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Budget: DMI

Temperatures in the center of the Greenland ice sheet never got above -5.9C this year, and averaged -29.7C so far this year. Last year’s maximum temperature was -4.0C with an average temperature of -26.9C. The last time the center of the Greenland ice sheet got above freezing was July 11, 2012 – when temperatures edged up just barely above freezing for six hours.

Meanwhile, the climate criminals in Paris continue their massive fraud – pretending that the climate is falling apart and that they are doing something to stop it.




Turkish blockade of the Black Sea exit, Russian ban on Turkish imports, air to air missiles on Russian bombers in Syria, rumors of Turkish subs trapping a Russian cruiser – these are just a few of the developments between Russia and Turkey. Of course, we here, are more interested in the NCAA Football Playoffs and Holiday shopping.

All of these confrontations between 10's of thousands of well armed military provides the potential of igniting World War III. Unlike wars of the past, this would erupt in minutes, not weeks or months.

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BREAKING: 2 Turkish Subs Surround Russia Cruiser Off Syrian Coast

Russia Prepares For Dogfights With NATO Over Syria
Russian Air Force equips jets with air-to-air missiles

Kit Daniels | - November 30, 2015

[Russia Prepares For Dogfights With NATO Over Syria]

Russia is now equipping its Su-34 fighters with air-to-air missiles in preparation for potential dogfights with NATO over Syria.

“Today, Russian Su-34 fighter-bombers have made their first sortie equipped not only with high explosive aviation bombs and hollow charge bombs, but also with short- and medium-range air-to-air missiles,” Russian Air Force spokesman Igor Klimov told RT. “The planes are equipped with missiles for defensive purposes.”

He also added the missiles are “capable of hitting air targets within a 60km radius.”

It’s obvious that Russia is not equipping its jets with air-to-air missiles to fight ground-based ISIS militants but rather to prevent Turkish F-16s from shooting down more of its planes.

Turkey, a NATO ally, shot down a Russian Su-24 bomber on Nov. 24, claiming it had violated Turkish airspace, but Moscow rejected the claim.

Numerous analysts also pointed out that even if the Russian jet did cross through the tiny strip of Turkey bordering Syria, it would have only been in Turkey for a matter of seconds.

“In the wake of the downing, President Vladimir Putin on Saturday signed a decree imposing a package of economic sanctions against Turkey,” RT reported. “The measures include banning several Turkish organizations and the import of certain goods.”

“Under the sanctions, the visa-free regime for Turkish nationals traveling to Russia will be suspended starting next year.”

Turkey responded by reportedly blocking Russian ships from passing through the Strait of Bosphorus linking the Black Sea to the Mediterranean, which prevents Russia’s Black Sea fleet from traveling to the rest of the world or even back to its home port.

But Putin has also ordered 150,000 Russian troops deployed into Syria while also sending another 7,000 Russian troops with tanks, rocket launchers and artillery to the Russian/Turkish border with orders to be “fully combat ready.”

Even though Turkey initiated its stand-off with Russia by intentionally shooting down the Su-24 near the Syrian border, it could potentially invoke Article 5 of the NATO Treaty which requires all NATO members, including the U.S., to come to its defense if Turkey goes to war with Russia.



Just because you're hearing much about this from the mainstream media whores doesn't mean the threat went away. Yesterday, the Russians were installing their advanced anti-aircraft S400 system in Western Syria. Consumed with a lust for war, Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, told CNN International that if one of his planes was shot down over SYRIA, they would take “measures” in response.

First of all, Mr. Erdogan, Syria is not your country. You were not invited there and have no business there. Actually, your war planes violating Syrian air space is an act of war. I suspect this man wants just that. Over the course of history, mankind has been cursed with leaders like Erdogan, who have lost their minds and seek world wide wars. They don't care that it will potentially kill millions.

This brings us back to our government, the United States. We can't control the fact that insane leaders come to power in other nations from time to time, but we don't have to arm them. We don't have to invite them into NATO. We don't have to sign treaties pledging to come to their aid if they start a war. That is just as insane.

The bottom line is, if Turkish fighter jets come into Syria, they will be attacked. Turkey has a formidable military, but they are no match for Russia. One one nation can put a stop to this and that is the United States. If war starts over this, we can blame Turkey and then we can blame the U.S.

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Erdogan Pledges to Start War Over Russian Anti-aircraft System in Syria
Moscow has deployed its advanced S-400 air defense system in Syria

Kurt Nimmo | - November 27, 2015

Erdogan Pledges to Start War Over Russian Anti-aircraft System in Syria]

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told CNN International his country will consider it an act of aggression if Russia takes down a Turkish plane violating Syrian airspace.

“In this case Turkey will be forced to take measures that will certainly not be discussed. And of course it would be an aggression against our rights of sovereignty and it’s the natural right of the state to protect those rights. We do not want to see any escalation of the situation in the region. We do not want to become a party to that. But those who side with Syria and escalate the tension, I think, are the responsible parties to this,” Erdogan said.

On Thursday Moscow deployed its advanced S-400 air defense system in Syria. The weapon will be used to protect the Russian Hmeimim airbase in Latakia. The Russian defense ministry posted a video of the deployment on its Facebook page.

Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said his government was “sure that Russian planes destroying IS targets [were] guaranteed not to be attacked from the US-led so-called anti-IS coalition.”

The downing of a Russian SU-24 on Tuesday by NATO member Turkey changed this and “now the safety of Russian fleet’s planes… will be ensured by more secure means,” he said.

“We have pretty good connectivity with the Russians,” Lt. Gen. Charles Brown Jr. told Air Force Times on Wednesday. “With our MOU [Memorandum of Understanding], there are things that are in there that talk about … how we’re not going to show hostile acts or hostile intent from the coalition toward the Russians or from the Russians toward the coalition.”


Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday during a news conference the United States knew the flight path of the aircraft shot down by Turkey.

“The American side, which leads the coalition that Turkey belongs to, knew about the location and time of our planes’ flights, and we were hit exactly there and at that time,” he said.

He said Russia’s military had passed on flight details to the Americans.

Putin then indirectly accused the US of colluding with Turkey to shoot down the plane.

“Why did we pass this information to the Americans? Either they were not controlling what their allies were doing, or they are leaking this information all over the place,” he said.

“And we proceed from the position that there will be no repeat of this, otherwise we’ll have no need of cooperation with anybody, any coalition, any country.”



This was a direct quote from the Russian military in Syria. That should be headlines in every media outlet, but it's not. Let's see what the media whores think is important. CNN: Frank Gifford had brain disease FOX: Crew confusion led to deadly US strike on Afghanistan hospital CBS: Card skimmers in overdrive at gas stations ABC:Man Spotted With Paris Attack Suspect Traveled to Syria NBC:Obama to Nervous Nation: No Credible Reports of Terror Plot . I think I made my point --- nothing but crap.

Hopefully calmer heads will prevail, but make no mistake, this is a big deal. You have several nations with military aircraft as well as support involved in this Syrian operation. These fighter jets fly at around 700 mph. Bombers fly a little slower, but decisions have to be made in a split second. Thousands of people are involved. The potential for more military conflicts between Syria, Russia, Iran and Hezbollah and the NATO alliance has a very high probability. If this escalates, it will happen in minutes. It has to given the logistics involved.

Coincidentally, all of this was started during a U.S. Holiday weekend.

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Russia deploys missile cruiser off Syria coast, ordered to destroy any target posing danger

Published time: 24 Nov, 2015 18:16Edited time: 25 Nov, 2015 18:20

A missile cruiser "Moscow" firing anti-aircraft missiles during the joint sailing of various fleets' vessels for combat training. © Vitaliy Ankov / Sputnik

Moscow plans to suspend military cooperation with Ankara after the downing of a Russian bomber by Turkish air forces, Russian General Staff representatives said on Tuesday. Further measures to beef up Russian air base security in Syria will also be taken.

Three steps as announced by top brass:

Each and every strike groups’ operation is to be carried out under the guise of fighter jets

Air defense to be boosted with the deployment of Moskva guided missile cruiser off Latakia coast with an aim to destroy any target that may pose danger

Military contacts with Turkey to be suspended

Follow LIVE UPDATES on Russian warplane shot down at Syria-Turkey border

Sergey Rudskoy, a top official with the Russian General Staff, condemned the attack on the Russian bomber in Syrian airspace by a Turkish fighter jet as “a severe violation of international law”. He stressed that the Su-24 was downed over the Syrian territory. The crash site was four kilometers away from the Turkish border, he said.

Rudskoy said the Russian warplane did not violate Turkish airspace. Additionally, according to the Hmeymim airfield radar, it was the Turkish fighter jet that actually entered Syrian airspace as it attacked the Russian bomber.



Most of the mainstream media whores are ignoring this story. This may prove to be a fatal mistake. While the media continues to run stories about the Paris attack, Thanksgiving, football and the Christmas shopping season, the Turkish Air Force, using an American made F16, shot down a Russian bomber over Syria. Turkish assets on the ground then used an American made tow missile to shoot down a rescue helicopter trying to rescue the pilots.

In the movie “The Day After Tomorrow” made in the 1980's, the story leading up to the nuclear holocaust, began exactly this way. Turkey, under the direction of the insaniacs ruling our nation, has put Russian President Putin in an impossible position. He has no choice. He has to act. News reports coming in at 4:30 P.M. have a Russian cruiser moving into position off Syria. There are also reports of radar jamming equipment and Russian fighter jets moving to the Syrian/Turkish border.

Just yesterday I lamented the apathy on the part of the American people. We have allowed our government masters to lie repeatedly, start wars based on lies, ship jobs overseas to be performed by slaves, steal money, commit crimes and usurp our Constitutional guarantees. All distractions aside, we are only a short step from a war that will come to our cities and our homes. Our sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, friends and family members will die in this next war. Civilians by the millions will die in this next war, and we let it happen because we were not interested.

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Turkey Has Destroyed Russia’s Hope Of Western Cooperation — Paul Craig Roberts

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Turkey Has Destroyed Russia’s Hope Of Western Cooperation

Paul Craig Roberts

Turkey’s unprovoked shoot-down of a Russian military aircraft over Syria raises interesting questions. It seems unlikely that the Turkish government would commit an act of war against a much more powerful neighbor unless Washington had cleared the attack. Turkey’s government is not very competent, but even the incompetent know better than to put themselves into a position of facing Russia alone.

If the attack was cleared with Washington, was Obama bypassed by the neocons who control his government, or is Obama himself complicit? Clearly the neoconservatives are disturbed by the French president’s call for unity with Russia against ISIL and easily could have used their connections to Turkey to stage an event that Washington can use to prevent cooperation with Russia.

Washington’s complicity is certainly indicated, but it is not completely out of the question that the well-placed Turks who are purchasing oil from ISIL took revenge against Russia for destroying their oil tanker investments and profitable business. But if the attack has a private or semi-private origin in connections between gangsters and military, would Turkey’s president have defended the shoot-down on such spurious grounds as “national defense”? No one can believe that one Russian jet is a threat to Turkey’s security.

Don’t expect the presstitutes to look into any such questions. The presstitutes, such as the BBC’s Moscow correspondent Sarah Rainsford, are spinning the story that the loss of the Russian aircraft, and earlier the airliner, proves that Putin’s policy of air strikes against iSIL has backfired as Russians are not safer.

The responses to the shoot-down are also interesting. From what I heard of Obama’s press conference, Obama’s definition of “moderate Syrian rebels” includes all the extremist jihadish groups, such as al Nursa and ISIL, that are the focus of the Russian attacks. Only Assad is an extremist. Obama, following the neocon line, says that Assad has too much blood on his hands to be allowed to remain president of Syria.

Obama is not specific about the “blood on Assad’s hands,” but we can be. The blood is the blood of ISIL forces fighting the Syrian army. Obama doesn’t refer to the blood on ISIL’s hands, but even the presstitutes have told us the horror stories associated with the blood on ISIL’s hands, with whom Obama has allied us.

And what about the blood on Obama’s hands? Here we are talking about a very large quantity of blood: the blood of entire countries—Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, and the blood that Obama’s puppet government in Kiev has spilled of the ethnic Russian inhabitants of Ukraine, not to forget the Palestinian blood spilled by Israel using US supplied weapons.

If the blood on Assad’s hands disqualifies Assad from office, the much greater quantity on Obama’s hands disqualifies Obama. And Cameron. And Hollande. And Merkel. And Netanyahu.

Throughout the entire Washington orchestrated conflicts in the Middle East, Africa, and Ukraine, the Russian government has spoken reasonably and responded in a diplomatic manner to the many provocations. The Russian government relied on European governments realizing that Europe does not benefit from conflicts generated by Washington and separating themselves from a policy that is against their interests. But Europe proved to be a collection of American vassals, not independent countries capable of independent foreign policies.

In its campaign against ISIL in Syria, the Russian government relied on the agreement made with NATO countries to avoid engaging in the air. Now Turkey has violated this agreement.

I will be surprised if the Russian government any longer places any trust in the words of the West and any hope in diplomacy with the West. By now the Russian government and the Russian people will have learned that the Wolfowitz doctrine means what it says and is in force against Russia.

From the Ukrainian attack on Crimea’s power supply and the blackout that is affecting Crimea, the Russian government has also learned that Washington’s puppet government in Kiev intends further conflict with Russia.

Washington has made it clear from the beginning that Washington’s focus is on overthrowing Assad, not ISIL. Despite the alleged attack on France by ISIL, the US State Department press spokesperson, Admiral John Kirby, said that Russia cannot be a member of the coalition against ISIL until Russia stops propping up Assad.

To the extent that the shoot-down of the Russian military aircraft has a silver lining, the incident has likely saved the Russian government from a coalition in which Russia would have lost control of its war against ISIL and would have had to accept the defeat of Assad’s removal.

Each step along the way the Russian government has held strong cards that it did not play, trusting instead to diplomacy. Diplomacy has now proven to be a deadend. If Russia does not join the real game and begin to play its strong cards, Russia will be defeated.



Yesterday was the 52nd anniversary of the murder of John Kennedy. Along with the assassination, came the completion of the dream of Adolf Hitler. That dream was the implementation of the propaganda State. Books from Hitler, Goering and Himmler outlined how propaganda could be implemented. Unfortunately for them, the massive communication revolution was still decades away.

After Kennedy was murdered, the government/mass media cooperative went into action. TV, radio and printed news operated in lockstep giving the narrative of the assassination. None of them deviated from one another. The CIA then ordered a new term (conspiracy theorist) be used to discredit those who would question the government story --- and it worked. Over the next 50 plus years, this formula would be used over and over again. It had become “open season” on the American people.

Something our government masters and their media whores didn't count on was the advent of the internet. Today, those who question, can compare notes with others to test the veracity of government fairy tales and false flags. In the end, as it was with the German people, the success or lack of success of the propaganda State rests with the people. So far, there are way more intellectually lazy people here than those who spend time on real research. That was the case in Germany. How'd that work out for them?

As our government masters continue to salivate for more and more wars and more and more restrictions on freedom, we can submit or we can resist. What we can't do is ignore it and think it will go away.

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Why the Kennedy Assassination is Still Important

November 23, 2015 by Dalia Mae 9 Comments


By James O’Neill*

Last Sunday, the 22nd November, was the 52nd anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States.  It was an anniversary that passed without note in our mainstream media.  A conference held in Melbourne over the weekend attracted zero media attention, despite the attendance, in person or by video link, of some of the most important names in JFK assassination research.

Why should we be concerned?  After all, it was more than half a century ago and all the major players of the time have mostly died.  I suggest we should be concerned because the Kennedy assassination marked a turning point in American history and established a pattern that has recurred in multiple “deep” events ever since, up to and including the latest terrorist atrocities in Egypt, Syria, France and elsewhere.

I won’t traverse the details of the assassination itself.  No serious researcher believes the Warren Commission fairytale of Lee Harvey Oswald as the “lone nut” gunman (a favoured meme of the mainstream media).  Those who still seek to uphold the Warren Commission are unlikely to be persuaded now.  Those who have long rejected the Warren Commission will be familiar with the extensive excellent research literature available to the genuinely interested, including seminal work by Jim de Eugenio, James Douglass, Peter Dale Scott and others.

What is of particular interest in 2015 is the extent to which the mainstream media will go to suppress the real evidence; promote absurd “revelations” as SBS did last year in promoting the “accidental” shooting of Kennedy by a Secret Service agent in a car following the presidential limousine; and the persistent defaming of those who point out, for example, the scientific impossibilities of the official explanations of deep events as “conspiracy theorists”.  A term incidentally, promoted by the CIA as Lance de Haven Smith has shown, from the 1960s as a means of discrediting those who were drawing uncomfortable inferences about the CIA’s role in the Kennedy killing.

Buildings falling at free fall speed (9/11); magically impregnable passports (7/7 in London, 11/13 in Paris; energy deficits in projecting steel beams, pyroclastic clouds and powderisation of concrete are only a few of the huge number of anomalies that David Ray Griffin and others have detailed as essential components of deep events.  Even when official agencies such as the FBI refute these, as with Barbara Olsen’s alleged lengthy cell phone conversation with her husband before the alleged crash of Flight 93 into the Pentagon, the media simply ignore it.

Just as they ignored the civil trial brought by the King family against the State of Tennessee and others in 1999, alleging responsibility of the State and other government agencies for the death of Martin Luther King, what one might have thought would be the trial of the century was ignored by the media.  William Pepper’s book Act of State gives all the details.  Suffice to say here that after a three-week trial with 70 witnesses the jury took only a few hours to find for the plaintiffs.  Yet our media still promotes the James Earl Ray fantasy in the same vein as Lee Harvey Oswald.

Sherry Feister, a long time prosecutor and expert in ballistics, blood spatter, trajectory analysis and anatomical reactions to being shot was one of the Melbourne presenters.  Her data should have been on the front page of every newspaper in Australia.  Her data, based on rigorous scientific evidence, shows conclusively that Kennedy was shot from the front by a high-powered rifle, by a gunman standing at the south end of the Dallas Plaza overpass.

Multiple medical witnesses at Parkland Hospital and Bethesda corroborated her expert analysis, based on ballistics, rigorous mathematical calculations and all the other components of a real investigation.  When then, in the face of this overwhelming evidence, that the official Warren Commission story cannot be true, does the mainstream media persist in lying to us and concealing evidence?

The answer, I suggest, is beguilingly simple.  The media does not exist as a vehicle for examining the truth, or posing tough questions, or even meeting its own purported objective of informing citizens, as they are entitled to be informed in a true liberal democracy.

They exist, rather, as agents of the very forces that control our industry, our financial sector, and the huge military-intelligence-information industries that promote the narrow interests of a tiny fraction of the population.

Kennedy stood up to those forces, graphically described by his predecessor Eisenhower in his farewell address in January 1961 as the “military-industrial complex.”  Eisenhower would not recognise the behemoth that this has become, where interlocking ownerships and directorships of the major media and armament companies ensure what Gore Vidal called ‘perpetual war for perpetual profit.’

It was the major reason, as Douglass demonstrates, why Kennedy was killed.  His commencement speech in June 1963 at American University and the signing of the National Security Directive to withdraw American troops from Vietnam were effectively the signing of his own death warrant.  It is also the major reason why every American President since Kennedy, without exception, has embarked on successive wars, assassinations of foreign leaders, coups, invasions and the destruction of civil societies in more than 70 countries in the post world war 2 era alone.

Syria is merely the latest victim in a long line.  Assad was a marked man the day he refused the American request for Syria to be part of the Qatari pipeline that was part of the overall strategy to destroy Russia by replacing Russian gas to Europe with Qatari gas.  If Syria falls to the US, Israeli, Turkish and Saudi trained, financed, supported, and protected forces of ISIS, have no doubt that Iran is next in the firing line.  Iraq, Iran and Syria are way stations en route to the much bigger prizes of Russia and China.  The TPP and the TTIP are similarly vehicles aimed at the destruction of Russia and China and with the considerable side benefit of greatly enriching American corporations.

At the recent G20 meeting in Turkey the Russian President Putin presented the assembled leaders with evidence as to the identity of ISIS’s backers, including members of the G20.  The western media failed to report those revelations.  To do so would have raised awkward questions that did not fit the official narrative.

The Russians, in Syria lawfully, unlike Australia, the US and France, bombed the convoys of oil trucks Putin had told the G20 were heading for the Turkish border (where Erdogan’s son runs the company that buys the oil for onward transmission).  The western media did not convey that information either.

Russian video of their planes bombing the convoys was shown on PBS television in the US.  The accompanying commentary however, suggested that it was American planes that were doing the bombing!  Russia wasn’t mentioned.  Also missing from the PBS commentary was that American planes and satellites had failed to detect these convoys in the preceding 12 months when the US was allegedly bombing ISIS targets.

Malcolm Turnbull has thus far resisted the deranged demands of former Prime Minister Abbott and former Defence Minister Andrews for Australian “boots on the ground” in Syria.  It is to be fervently hoped that he will continued to resist such urging.

Australia has a fundamental lesson to learn.  We cannot as a nation continue to be a part of the madness that has inflicted western foreign policy for the past several decades.

The circulation figures show that the mainstream media has a steadily diminishing readership.  More people now derive their news and informed commentary from the alternative, largely Internet based, media than ever before.  That carries with it the real prospect that a change in foreign policy can be achieved as an ever increasing proportion of the population reject the self-serving and fundamentally dishonest narratives served up by the mainstream media.  They have lied, obfuscated, misled and withheld information for too long to be likely to change now.

It is therefore all the more important that we maintain and foster an independent media, which will surely come under attack as a threat to the previous information monopoly of the mainstream.  Our very survival as a species may depend upon it.

*Barrister at Law.  He may be contacted at



Those aren't my words. Those are the words of Admiral Hyman Rickover. The most frightening thing is he said that in the mid 1970's. Of course, he was referring to a war with a first rate power. Today, there are several nations that possess the technology to successfully attack an aircraft carrier.

Maybe technology has progressed to such an extent that aircraft carriers are not so vulnerable? Not according to the subject video interviewing Col. Douglas Macgregor. He actually quotes Admiral Rickover. These are military men. They are not here to bash America. They are here to try and protect it. It is sad that many empires have fallen due to the hubris of their military leaders. America has not fought a 1st world opponent in 70 years. We have no idea what would happen if this were the battle today. Unfortunately, fighting a war today will probably result in the defeat of the world itself.

It would make far more sense to end military involvement in every other nation in the world. We would have little need for expensive aircraft carriers, as well as other multi-billion dollar weapons. Potential enemies would then have little need for weapons to counteract ours. How about building a few schools, taking care of our seniors, improving medical care and rebuilding the nation's infrastructure?
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The subject video will give the answer and it really isn't new. From the time of the pharoahs, to Alexander the Great, to the Caesar's, to Assyrians and Napoleon and Hitler, ruling the world has been the goal of evil empire builders. The names may have changed, but the goal is the same.

From time to time, in my discussions with people, I get the “knee jerk” reaction of calling me a “conspiracy theorist”. Almost none of them know the term itself was invented by the CIA to discredit anyone who questioned the Warren Report on the assassination of John Kennedy. It really was quite clever. Instead of answering legitimate questions on government fairy tales, they just call you a conspiracy theorist.

O.K. What about government people themselves? The subject video covers the U.S. government plan to destabilize and take over 7 different countries. It was published in 1999 and 2000, titled “The Project for A New American Century”. General Wesley Clarke referred to it in the video. Former Treasury Secretary, Paul O'Neill, spoke about it, but I guess it's still a conspiracy theory. Meanwhile, since 2000, look all that has happened and the countries we attacked just happened to be those listed in the report.

Can it really be that simple?

Bruce                                New World Order News



The subject video explores as to whom exactly was behind the Paris attacks. No, not just the corpses of those who were identified by authorities, but those who supported, paid for and trained those who did the attacks.

Just today, there was a report of a raid performed in Paris. “Authorities” said the raid was against some who were behind the attacks. They also said one of the “terrorists” blew herself up with a bomb vest she wore. O.K. When did she put the vest on? Was she wearing the vest as a part of her wardrobe? Maybe it went like this. “I've got my purse, my skirt, my blouse and my bomb vest. Oh, and I can't forget to carry my passport. If I blow myself up, I want everyone to know who I was and from where I came.” Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it.

I'm not saying the stories are totally untrue. I am saying government spokesmen are pathological liars. Everything they say has to be checked and rechecked. Anytime they say something, we need to insist on ironclad proof.

Bruce                                                      New World Order New



As the case has been in so many of these “terrorist” events, facts are hard to come by. We have the French security forces running a drill on the same day as the event. We have another passport found next to a suicide bomber which says he was from Syria. We have 3 or 4 or 5 people involved in it. The terrorists are from ISIS or Belgium or Syria or even France itself. Never mind that. Let's just start bombing and attacking. No, we're not sure who to bomb or who to attack, but that never stopped us in the past.

We have to attack Afghanistan because they were responsible for 911. We have to attack Iraq because they have weapons of mass destruction. We have to attack Serbia because they kill Moslems. We have to attack Libya because Gaddafi is a bad guy.

So, it's always the same. A confusing and highly suspicious killing event takes place. Then, right on cue, the government wants to conduct a war overseas and restrict freedoms at home. Let's see---- who do we know that did this in the past?

Bruce                                           New World Order News

[RINF Alternative News & Media, Real Independent News & Film]

After the Paris terror attacks: A drumbeat for military escalation and internal repression

Nov 17, 2015

In the days following the horrific terrorist attacks that claimed the lives of 129 innocent civilians in Paris, the response from within the US political establishment and media has been as predictable as it is reactionary. Stoking desires for revenge and exploiting the shock over the attacks claimed by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), politicians, pundits and the media are mounting a drumbeat propaganda offensive for an escalation of military aggression abroad and police state repression at home.

CIA Director John Brennan was among the most blunt on the home front, declaring that the Paris attacks must serve as a “wake-up call.” He demanded an end to “hand-wringing” over blanket government spying on the entire population of the US and the world carried out in the name of combating terrorism.

Among the Obama administration’s Republican critics, there were demands for a sharp escalation of the US military intervention in the Middle East, including calls for the dispatch of another American expeditionary force into Syria. Mitt Romney, the former Republican presidential candidate, in an opinion piece published by the Washington Post Sunday, called for a “war on ISIS,” saying the US must “devote whatever resources are required to win—even boots on the ground.” In a subsequent television interview, he made clear that this meant sending tens of thousands of troops into Syria.

Even more telling was the media’s behavior at Barack Obama’s press conference Monday at the G20 meeting in Antalya, Turkey, where the US president described ISIS as “the face of evil” and declared that Washington’s goal is “to degrade and ultimately destroy this barbaric terrorist organization.”

Correspondents from the major US news outlets rose, one after the other, to goad the president into announcing a more aggressive militarist policy.

CBS: “A more than yearlong bombing campaign in Iraq and Syria has failed to contain the ambition and the ability of ISIS to launch attacks in the West. Have you underestimated their abilities? And will you widen the rules of engagement for US forces to take more aggressive action?”

ABC: “ …address your critics who say that your reluctance to enter another Middle East war, and your preference of diplomacy over using the military, makes the United States weaker and emboldens our enemies.”

CNN: “I think a lot of Americans have this frustration that they see that the United States has the greatest military in the world… I guess the question is—and if you’ll forgive the language—is why can’t we take out these bastards?”

The thrust of these questions is clear. After more than 14 years of a US “war on terror” that has plunged the entire Middle East into chaos and carnage, the rising demand from a sizable section of the US ruling establishment is for an even more deadly eruption of American imperialism.

What is deliberately obscured by this outpouring of jingoism is the fact that the terrorist attacks in Paris, and ISIS itself, are the direct products of nearly a decade-and-a-half of US military intervention aimed at imposing US hegemony over this oil-rich region.

ISIS emerged as the byproduct of the unprovoked US war of aggression against Iraq and the subsequent American divide-and-conquer strategy of manipulating and exacerbating sectarian divisions in that country. With the Bush administration having overthrown Saddam Hussein, a secular autocrat, the Obama administration—in alliance with France—embarked on another military adventure, launching the US-NATO war for regime-change in Libya. The imperialists utilized Islamist militias allied to ISIS and Al Qaeda as their proxy ground troops.

Succeeding in toppling and murdering a second secular ruler, Muammar Gaddafi, and leaving Libya in a state of collapse and permanent civil war, the Obama administration decided to repeat this “success” in Syria, where it fomented a civil war. It utilized these same Islamist organizations, augmented by vast stocks of weaponry funneled in from Libya as well as an army of foreign fighters brought in from across the Middle East, Europe and Central Asia.

Now, after ISIS has succeeded in seizing a third of Iraq along with roughly half of Syria, Washington claims to be engaged in a “war” on the Islamist organization. Its principal allies in this venture are Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey, which have provided the religious-ideological inspiration, financial resources and weapons that have allowed ISIS to make the gains it has made.

If, after a year of air strikes, the dispatch of thousands of US troops to Iraq and now the deployment of Special Forces units to Syria, this “war” has done virtually nothing to reduce either the geographical reach or troop strength of ISIS, this is no accident. Washington’s main aim remains regime-change in Syria, as part of a broader strategy of weakening the influence of Iran, Russia and China in the region and preparing for far more dangerous military confrontations. To the extent that ISIS fights the troops of the Syrian government, it remains a US ally.

While Obama claims to have seen the “face of evil” in the Paris events, when ISIS was carrying out even bloodier atrocities against Syrian religious minorities and populations supporting the government of President Bashar al-Assad, there was no outcry from the US or its allies. Over the past four years of civil war, the Syrian population’s average daily fatalities have surpassed the number of people killed in Paris last Friday.

Moreover, the attacks in Paris are only the latest in a series of overseas attacks by the Islamist group. In the speculation over ISIS responsibility for bringing down a Russian passenger jet and killing 224 people on October 31, there was less outrage than barely concealed gloating by the Western media, anxious to see Moscow humiliated over its intervention in Syria.

Similarly, last week’s twin suicide bombings that killed at least 43 people in a working-class suburb in southern Beirut was almost universally reported by the US media as an attack on a “Hezbollah stronghold,” again suggesting that the innocent civilian victims got what was coming to them because of the Shia movement’s support for the Assad government.

Terrorism as a thing in itself is not seen as a critical problem for the American ruling establishment. Obama told the press conference in Turkey that his “closest military and civilian advisors” had counseled him that sending tens of thousands of troops into Syria would not be worth the effort.

Terrorism, from the standpoint of these elements within the vast US military and intelligence apparatus, is a useful tactic when directed against Washington’s enemies. It is merely part of the cost of doing business when it hits the US and its allies. And it can be exploited as a pretext for increased militarism and the suppression of political opposition.

In the end, Obama’s “advisors” have bigger things in mind. Little more than a week ago, US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter delivered a speech affirming that Russia and China, not ISIS or terrorism, constitute the main threat to Washington’s interests. Driven by its insoluble crisis and contradictions, US imperialism is preparing for the greatest act of mass terror in human history: World War Three.



As if there aren't enough things to worry about, now we have another. Over the past couple of days I have been covering the events at the University of Missouri. Those events are classic examples of “political correctness" on steroids. If only that was the only example. Actually, news reports pour in every day of schools, bureaucrats, police and other self appointed thought police trying to criminalize free speech and free thought.

So, beginning today, I am opening a separate category on this site. It's the “Political Correctness Agenda”. Check in on this from time to time as I will be posting articles relating to this disturbing trend infecting our society.

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University axes homecoming ‘king’ and ‘queen,’ replaces it with gender-neutral ‘royals’

Jennifer Kabbany - Fix Editor •November 12, 2015


San Diego State University has axed its longtime tradition of naming a homecoming “king” and “queen,” and this year will go with the gender-neutral term “royals,” the Daily Aztec campus newspaper reports.

As recently as last year SDSU named a homecoming “king” and “queen” during its annual football game, according to the university’s website. But this Saturday when the Aztecs take on the University of Wyoming Cowboys, the Royal Court will end up with the “final two Royals,” the website adds. It’s unclear if those final two “royals” will be one male and one female, or some other iteration of the LGBTQAAII spectrum.

“During the application process, candidates were allowed to select gender-neutral pronouns to identify themselves,” the Daily Aztec campus newspaper reports. “These gender-inclusive pronouns aim to dispel the common gender binary of categorizing people as solely masculine or feminine.”

Not all students are happy with the changes.

“It’s just a case of the PC police feeling the need to screw with an all-American tradition under the façade of ‘progression,'” Jordan Dennison, chairman of the SDSU College Republicans, said Wednesday in an email to The College Fix. “Imagine all of the alumni at the game who are going to see that and wonder ‘what the hell was SDSU thinking?'”

But other students have voiced support for the decision.

“We are lucky to be on a campus that is really diverse, and so I think having systems in place that reflect the students on campus is a really positive thing,” SDSU Women’s Resource Center Coordinator Jessica Nare told the Daily Aztec. “The reality is we don’t live in a gender-binary system and so really recognizing that in a public way is really important and exciting.”

This is not the first effort SDSU has made to embrace transgender students. Last year it enacted a policy that allows students’ records to reflect their preferred names on faculty class rosters, faculty grade rosters, online Blackboard rosters, Blackboard home room rosters, and student ID cards.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Protesters Demand Firing Of Tenured Vanderbilt Law Professor Over Publication Of Op-Ed

By Paul Caron

[Swain] Inside Higher Ed, Protests Spread:

The sustained protests at the University of Missouri, which led to the ouster of a system president and campus chancellor, are inspiring minority students at many campuses. ...

At Vanderbilt, many minority students have in recent days renewed a push for the university to take action against Carol Swain (right), a tenured professor of political science and law, over a column she wrote in January after the terrorist attacks in Paris against the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

In the January column, Swain asked, "What would it take to make us admit we were wrong about Islam? What horrendous attack would finally convince us that Islam is not like other religions in the United States, that it poses an absolute danger to us and our children unless it is monitored better than it has been under the Obama administration?"

Many students and others said that the column stereotyped all Muslims in a way that was profoundly biased, but the university defended Swain's right to free speech.

In the last week, students started a new petition to have her fired, saying that she engages in name-calling, that her use of the word "Professor" on her Facebook page suggests that she speaks for Vanderbilt and that her biases may lead to discrimination against minority students who are not Christian or straight. (Swain is black, but her conservative political views have angered many black people.)

The organizers of the petition then amended their request, calling for Vanderbilt to suspend Swain, not fire her. This change, the petition organizers announced, was "made to more clearly address Swain’s right to free speech."

Vanderbilt's chancellor, Nicholas S. Zeppos, issued a statement Wednesday in which he said that he did not agree with Swain's views, and that he was sorry if any Vanderbilt students felt hurt or unwelcome. Said Zeppos, "Vanderbilt also has a deep and longstanding commitment to freedom of speech and academic freedom, which are the foundations of our university’s scholarly activities. Such freedoms necessarily allow for the expression of unpopular and offensive views. However, speech whose sole purpose or effect is to discriminate, stigmatize, retaliate, offend, foment hatred or violence, or cause harm has no place in this university."

On her Facebook page, Swain pointed readers to an article in National Review that calls the request to suspend her part of the "illiberal idiocy" popular at some campuses. "Swain’s apostasy is that she has made politically incorrect statements about radical Islam and her traditional Christian beliefs, statements that the petitioners deem intolerant and which the university, therefore, must not tolerate -- tolerance, of course, being a one-way street," says the article.

Full-blown mass liberal psychosis epidemic strikes Mizzou as students begin hallucinating about KKK attacks on campus

Thursday, November 12, 2015 by: J. D. Heyes
Tags: University of Missouri, mass liberal psychosis, racist hallucinations

(NaturalNews) The Left-wing hysteria on the Columbia-based campus of the University of Missouri continues to escalate, as now some students there are imagining that the Ku Klux Klan are roaming freely there, a ridiculous notion that was ginned up by the student body's own president, who is African American.

As reported by The Daily Caller, several students have begun hallucinating KKK members after a tweet by Payton Head claimed that the student body leader had been given information claiming they were real. From there, hysterical students merely perpetuated the absurdity.

"Late Tuesday night, Twitter began to explode with students and others claiming that KKK members had been spotted walking around MU's flagship Columbia campus," The DC reported. "The rumors appear to have been given major life after MU's student body president, Payton Head, made a Facebook post declaring that the KKK sighting had been confirmed and that he was actively working with police and even the National Guard on the matter."

In his Facebook post, Head cautioned students to "[s]tay away from the windows in residence halls" because "[t]he KKK has been confirmed to be sighted on campus."

Perpetuating the idiocy

His comments only added to the chaos and insanity – and baseless fear – and soon dozens of people, both on and off campus, were tweeting about the alleged KKK presence. Some even claimed that Klan members were heaving bricks through the windows of dorm rooms while others claimed irrationally that the KKK members were being protected by MU Police.

One Twitter account holder named "On Tha Dead Homies" claimed, "Kkk on Missouri campus chanting 'white power' & the college professors or college staff dont see it as a 'threat' .... Amerikkka folks."

Someone named "ABG" added, "Imagine sitting in your dorm room and seeing the KKK outside throwing bricks being protected and escorted by the police .."

The entire affair, however, was nothing more than mass hysteria. Within an hour after the craziness began, local police and campus police clarified that there was no evidence at all of any KKK activity on school grounds.

"We have found no evidence of anything related to the KKK on campus," police spokesman Brian Weimar said in a statement.

Also, despite Head's claim that he was "working with" the National Guard, there was no Guard presence on university property, either.

School officials did their best to clamp down the hysteria.

The official MU Twitter account tweeted out:

"In an actual emergency, @MUalert and alert systems would be activated immediately. Please don't spread rumors."


"There is no immediate threat to campus. Please do not spread rumors and follow @MUAlert at for updates."

Shortly thereafter, Head apologized for starting the rumor.

What kind of mindset would consider this could even be possible?

"I'm sorry about the misinformation that I have shared through social media," he said. "In a state of alarm, I was concerned for all students of the University of Missouri and wanted to ensure that everyone was safe. I received and shared information from multiple incorrect sources, which I deeply regret."

That Head would even entertain such a notion – that in this day and age, white-hooded racist KKK members would be able to freely stalk blacks on a top American university campus – as genuine tells you a great deal about him and other social justice warriors who bought into the lie.

By conducting just a bit of research, Head and anyone else interested would be able to find out that today's KKK is a shell of its former self – a weak, discredited anachronism of a bygone era. Instead, however, Head chose irrationality, and then chose to perpetuate it with a bogus, unsubstantiated Facebook post. Even the Left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center admits the organization is weak and fractured.

As insane as the situation at Mizzou has become, don't expect it to subside anytime soon. The race-baiters and race hustlers have a new host, and they will feed off of it until it dies.

University of Missouri names black interim president

John Bacon and Aamer Madhani3:37 p.m. EST November 12, 2015


(Photo: Ellise Verheyen, AP)


The governing board of the University of Missouri on Thursday named a black law professor and deputy chancellor emeritus to serve as interim president of a university system under siege from racial turmoil.

Michael Middleton, who recently retired from the university after 30 years, earned bachelor and law degrees there. His selection came three days after Tim Wolfe resigned amid a firestorm over his handling of a series of racially charged events on the sprawling campus in Columbia.

"We all must heighten our focus, improve our culture ...and share the responsibility to see our university advance in healthy ways built  upon respect for others," Middleton said. "I am energized. We need to get our community together, working together."

MIddleton, 68, promised that incidents of racial harassment will be dealt with quickly.

"We hope at some point this kind of turmoil will dissipate," he said.

Controversy has swirled on the embattled campus in recent weeks as students held protests demanding Wolfe be fired. The issue blasted onto the national scene Saturday, when more than 30 of the school's football players announced a boycott of football-related activities. The deans of several academic departments also had called for Wolfe to go.

"We are excited for the new leadership under Interim President Middleton!" tweeted Concerned Student 1950, an advocacy group named for the year the school admitted its first black student.


Missouri student files complaint against professor who called for 'muscle'


Missouri professor resigns, staffer suspended

On Monday, Wolfe announced his resignation effective when a replacement could take over the job. Campus chancellor R. Bowen Loftin also resigned; an interim chancellor already has been named.

Wolfe's detractors accused him of inaction following a spate of incidents on the 35,000-student campus. Student government president Payton Head, who is black, said that in September people in a passing pickup shouted racial slurs at him. In October, members of a black student organization said slurs were hurled at them by an apparently drunken white student. In addition, a swastika drawn in feces was found recently in a dormitory bathroom.

Middleton said he plans on looking forward, not back.

"I don't blame white people who don't understand (racial inequality)," Middleton said. "I blame our ugly history."

Middleton takes over a troubled campus.

On Thursday, University of Missouri Police said they were investigating vandalism at the school's Gaines-Oldham Black Culture Center. The incident came one day after police arrested students at two Missouri campuses accused of issuing threats on social media.

Northwest Missouri State University student Connor Stottlemyre, 19, was arrested on suspicion of making a terrorist threat after he allegedly posted a threat on the anonymous social media app Yik Yak that read "I'm going to shoot any black people tomorrow, so be ready," university spokesman Mark Hornickel said. Police also arrested Hunter Park, 19, a student at the University of Missouri's Rolla campus, and charged him with making terrorist threats for allegedly posting messages suggesting he was going to do harm to black students on the Columbia campus.


Black students interrupt Univ. of Kansas Town Hall in wake of Missouri protest


Death threat made against Howard U. students

A Columbia campus associate professor, Dale Brigham, offered to resign after facing backlash for calling on his students to show up for class despite the threats, which had caused some African-American students to leave campus. Brigham expressed regret for sending an email to students in his nutritional science course encouraging them not to let "bullies" win.

Christian Basi, a university spokesman, told USA TODAY in an email Thursday that Brigham is still employed at the university and would not comment on the status of his resignation offer. KOMU was reporting that the school had declined to accept the resignation.

Another staff member has been placed on leave pending an investigation of her actions during protests on campus.

Janna Basler, director of the Columbia campus' Greek Life, was among students, faculty and staff who were trying to keep reporters away from protesters with the group Concerned Student 1950. Video of Basler shows her berating and having physical contact with student-journalist Tim Tai, who was on assignment for ESPN and trying to take photographs of the scene.

Also on the hot seat is Melissa Click, an assistant professor in the Department of Communications. A student who filmed Click calling for "muscle" to eject him from a protest site on campus filed a complaint alleging simple assault. Mark Schierbecker said he was waiting to hear whether campus police would press charges.

"We are looking into this and following up," police department spokesman, Maj. Brian Weimar said.

Click did not immediately respond to request for comment.

The jihad against true intellectual tolerance

Paul Joseph Watson - November 12, 2015 85 Comments

[Unless Actual Liberals Grow a Backbone, Free Speech is Doomed]

This past week confirms what we’ve been warning about for years.

Progressives and social justice warriors have launched an ideological jihad against free speech and the very bedrock of what education is supposed to represent.

Free thinking, logic, debate, dissent, open inquiry.

Under their new regime of safe spaces, trigger warnings, and the right to not be offended, the intolerant, regressive left has targeted all these things for abolition.

At Universities across America, administrators agreed to literally rip up copies of the Constitution because it “triggered” investigators who were posing as students.

At Yale, a professor was surrounded by a hysterical mob who used Maoist Red Guard tactics to intimidate and shout him down.

His hate crime? Writing an email critical of the students’ efforts to censor “offensive” Halloween costumes.

At Missouri University, President Tim Wolfe and others were forced to resign in part for not acknowledging their “white privilege” and refusing to echo the debunked narrative behind the Michael Brown shooting.

Radicals and professors then openly called for using mob violence to silence the First Amendment right of the press to cover the story.

Meanwhile, universities in the UK arrange conferences on censorship, and then censor conservatives from taking part because they might offend someone.

For years, people have played down the threat posed by SJWs to free speech, claiming ‘oh they’re just dumb teenagers on Tumblr. Just ignore them, they’ll go away.’

This past week has completely demolished that naiveity.

These people will be teaching our children. They’ll be in government, with the full force of the state behind them.

Now even liberal professors are admitting they are terrified of their own students’ zealotry.

Instead of producing the next generation of intellectuals, these universities are churning out crazed cult members who have declared war on free speech.

This is not going to end well for society.

And unless actual liberals stand up for the virtues of true intellectual tolerance and authentic, classical liberalism, the future for free speech in the west is doomed.

UPDATE: Race Activist Who Got Mizzou Prof to Resign Does Not Attend School – Lives in Houston
A beloved University of Missouri professor resigned after he refused to cancel a school exam during the hunger strike and athlete’s boycott

Gateway Pundit | Jim Hoft - November 12, 2015 144 Comments

[UPDATE: Race Activist Who Got Mizzou Prof to Resign Does Not Attend School – Lives in Houston]

Missou Professor Dale Brigham resigned this week following outrage over his refusal to cancel an exam on campus.

A beloved University of Missouri professor resigned after he refused to cancel a school exam during the hunger strike and athlete’s boycott.
Campus Reform reported:

Dr. Dale Brigham, considered one of the most beloved professors at the University of Missouri, has resigned after refusing to cancel an exam for students who claimed to feel “unsafe.”

“If you don’t feel safe coming to class, then don’t come to class,” Dr. Brigham told his students. “I will be there, and there will be an exam administered in our class,” he continued, imploring his students to stand up to the bullies on campus. “If you give into bullies, they win. The only way bullies are defeated is by standing up to them.”

Dr. Brigham was sharply criticized in the media for requiring his students to attend class and take their exam. Salon ran a story with the headline “White Missouri professor shames black students for heeding violent threats.”The Washington Post featured similar coverage of “a white professor” who “challenged his students to come to class.”

Those upset with Dr. Brigham’s decision to hold class took to Twitter calling for Brigham to befiredand calling him “a failure as a human being.”

Under intense pressure, Dr. Brigham has both cancelled the exam and resigned from the university, according to screenshots posted online of an email from Dr. Brigham to his students.

Now this…
The race activist who was responsible for getting Professor Brigham to resign does not even attend Mizzou and lives in Houston.
Hat Tip Virginia

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She was celebrating tonight.